DCECのメルマガダイアログ Watch Out!



■ Watch Out!

Characters: H- Hanna, S- Satoshi

Hanna and Satoshi are talking about pets.

H: I guess you're right. 
   Taking care of pets can be a daunting task.
S: Definitely. It's difficult to teach dogs some tricks. 
   Animals are very unpredictable!
H: Despite that, there are still a lot of people who
   would like to bring a pet home. (smiling)
S: Well, they're very patient.
H: Indeed. How about cats? Do Japanese like taking care
   of cats?
S: Oh! (suddenly changed his facial expression) 
   That's more difficult.
   Cats are like women. They are difficult to deal with.
  (said in a matter-of-fact way)
H: Oops! Looks like you forgot that I'm a woman. 
S: Ha! Ha! I'm just telling the truth.
H: You're lucky because it didn't bother me.
  (looks like she's about to laugh)
   You might get slapped, you know.
S: I'll follow your advice. (grinning)

● Vocabulary

★ watch out - 気を付ける、警戒する
★ daunting - 人の気力をくじく、おじけづかせる、
★ definitely - もちろん、当然、その通り
★ trick - 〔人を楽しませる〕芸当、技
★ unpredictable - 予測できない、気まぐれな
★ patient - 辛抱強い、我慢強い
★ deal with - 〔人と〕折り合いを付ける、対応する
★ grin - 歯を見せてにっこり
★ slap - ?をピシャリと打つ、はたく、ひっぱたく、

● Comprehension Questions:

1. Why did Satoshi say that it's difficult to take care
  of pets?
 a. Because people need to spend a lot of money for them.
 b. Because animals are very unpredictable.
 c. Because taking care of pets is time-consuming.

2. How did Satoshi describe cats?
 a. Cats are difficult to deal with.
 b. Cats are very sweet.
 c. Cats are friendly.


登場人物: H - ハンナ、S - サトシ




今週のメルマガダイアログ(Laundry Trouble)


■ Laundry Trouble - By Mason

Characters: M: Mason, F: Felicity

(Mason enters the office. He looks soggy and unhappy)

F: Mason, you look miserable! What's up with your clothes?
M: It's this stupid weather! Whenever I try to dry my 
   laundry it starts freaking raining!
F: I guess that explains why your shirt is in such a sorry 
   state. It's so wrinkly!
M: That's not the half of it. Some of my clothes are starting 
   to smell moldy because they've been wet for such 
   a long time.
F: Why don't you just hang your things to dry inside?
M: My apartment is too cold, I think. I've left stuff hanging 
   inside before, but they take forever to dry.
F: It's getting to be that time of year. You should probably 
   turn on your heater.
M: Maybe, but I don't really want to. I'm trying to save 
   money on energy.
F: Well you need to figure something out or else you're going 
   to be cold and without clean clothes.
M: I know. Maybe I should set them on fire.
F: That's not really the solution I was talking about.
M: Why not? My clothes will be dry and I'll be warm. 
   Two birds with one stone!
F: (exasperated) Think harder, Mason!


★Soggy   無気力の
★Miserable みじめな、ひどい
★Stupid  馬鹿な、間抜けな
★Freaking いまいましい、ひどい
★Sorry state お粗末な
★Wrinkly  しわの多い
★That's not the half of it それだけではない。
★Moldy かびた、カビ臭い
★Forever 永遠に
★That time of year この時期
★Figure something out ?とわかる。解決策を探る。
★Or else さもないと
★Solution 解決策
★(Kill) two birds with one stone  一石二鳥
★Exasperated  苛立って

●Comprehension Questions:

1. Why are Mason's clothes still wet?
a. Because of the stupid weather.
b. Because Mason set them on fire.
c. Because it's that time of year.

2. Why do Mason's clothes smell moldy?
a. Because it's that time of year.
b. Because they've been wet for such a long time.
c. Because Mason set them on fire.

3.What is Mason's solution?
a. Mason will hang his clothes inside.
b. Mason will set his clothes on fire.
c. Mason will turn on the heater.

■困った洗濯物 (メイソン作)

登場人物: M:メイソン F:フェリシティ


F:メイソン、どうしちゃったの? その服!
M:こんな天気だからさ! 洗濯物を干そうとするといつも雨
M:どうして? 服は乾くだろうし、暖かくもなるし。一石二鳥


今週のメルマガダイアログ ■Ignorance is Bliss


Characters: H- Hanna, T- Takuma

Takuma talks about the things he did last weekend.

T: Last weekend, my family and I brought our old things,
  like my books and clothes, to the thrift shop.
H: Oh, really? (surprised) I thought thrift shops are not common 
   in Japan.
T: We sold them so that we'll have enough space in the house 
   when we buy new ones.
H: That's a good idea! You'll also have some money to buy your 
   daughter new clothes or toys. (smiling)
T: Ah, yes. However, something bad happened when we entered 
   the shop last weekend. 
   (Takuma's facial expression changed a little bit.)
H: What happened? (looks worried)
T: Let me tell you what happened two weeks ago first. 
   We went to that same shop to sell my wife's clothes and 
   some of my daughter's. We included a pair of shoes 
   that was given to my daughter for her birthday. 
   It's still new because my wife doesn't like the color.
H: Too bad!
T: You're right. The store owner gave me 100 yen for that 
   pair of shoes. I was satisfied because at least we got 
H: Hmmmm.... (thinking)
T: Here comes the bad part. When we went to the shop last weekend, 
   I saw my daughter's shoes and the store is selling them 
   for 1,000 yen! (scratching his head) I guess it's true 
   that things you don't know won't hurt you.
H: Ha! Ha! Indeed, Ignorance is bliss.

thrift shop リサイクルショップ、古着屋
facial expression 表情
satisfied 満足させる、満足する
indeed 本当に、全く
Ignorance is bliss. 知らぬが仏

Comprehension questions

1) Where did Takuma and his family go last weekend?
  a. They went to an amusement park.
  b. They went to a thrift shop.
  c. They went to a shopping mall.

2) How much did the store owner give Takuma for the pair of shoes?
  a. The store owner gave him 500 yen.
  b. The store owner gave him 1,000 yen.
  c. The store owner gave him 100 yen.

3) Why did Takuma feel bad when he saw the shoes again?
  a. Because somebody bought the pair of shoes from the store.
  b. Because the store was selling them for 10,000 yen.
  c. Because he regretted selling them.


登場人物:H - ハンナ T - 琢磨


H:あはは、本当ね! 知らぬが仏、だわね。


今週のメルマガダイアログ~Put it in Order

"Are you beautiful?"

と言われたら、あなたは喜ぶ? それとも怒る?

■Put it in Order

Characters: H- Hanna, T- Takuma

After reading the vocabulary list, Hanna asked Takuma to use 
the words in sentences.

Hanna: When you say you like something, it means you 
       enjoy doing it or you think that it is nice or good.
Takuma: I like playing golf. No, I love playing golf!
(putting emphasis on the word 'love')
H: Next word is beautiful. For example, That bag is beautiful. 
(smiling) Now think of something that is beautiful.
T: Hmm... (thinking) Are you beautiful?
H: I don't think that's a good question to ask anybody. 
   Ha! Ha!
T: Ah, no! It's not a question. (moving his hand to show 
   that he wants to change his statement)
H: (grinning) That proves the importance of word order.
T: I agree. (scratching his head) I should be careful 
   when praising my wife.
H: Ha! Ha! Good point. She might think you're making fun of her.
T: I know! I might end up eating instant noodles for dinner. 
   Ha! Ha!

Vocabulary ボキャブラリ

like             好き
love            大好き/愛してる
emphasis     強調する
beautiful      美しい
grin             にやりとする、にこりとする
prove      (~であると)わかる。証明される。
importance    重要性
praise           褒める
making fun of~  からかう
end up~         ~という結果になる
instant         即席の、インスタントの


1) What did Hanna ask Takuma to do?
a. She asked him to use the words in sentences.
b. She asked him to answer her questions.
c. She asked him to read the dialogue.

2) What does Takuma like?
a. He likes playing basketball.
b. He likes watching TV.
c. He likes playing golf.

3) Why did Takuma say he needs to be careful 
   when praising his wife?
a. Becauwse his wife might think he is making fun of her.
b. Becauwse his wife doesn't like hearing praises from him.
c. Becauwse his wife likes hearing kind words from him.


登場人物:H-ハナ、 T-琢磨


H:あはは。その通り! 奥さん、あなたがからかってると


今週のメルマガダイアログ ”Last Resort”

”It's on me."


haracters: H- Hanna, N- Naomi

After reading the dialogue...

Hanna: Thank you very much for reading, Naomi. 
       (smiling) Did you understand the dialogue?
Naomi: I think so. (grinning)
H: So what are they planning to do on Saturday?
N: They are planning to go to the movie theater.
  (sounded very relaxed)
H: That's right! When was the last time you went to 
  a movie theater?
N: Hmmm. (thinking) Last week, I invited my sister to watch 
   a movie together. 
H: Sounds great! Tell me something about the movie. 
   (looking too excited)
N: Well, we didn't watch the movie. (disappointed)
H: Really? Why?
N: She said she needed to go to the hospital. Too bad, 
   I wasn't able to use my last resort. 
H: What do you mean? (puzzled)
N: My last resort was to say,"It's on me." (grinning)
H: Ha! Ha! I guess those are the magic words.


★last resort -最後の手段、伝家の宝刀、命の綱、決めゼリフ
★invite - 誘う、(…へ)招待する、招く、(丁重に)求める、請う
★disappointed - 失望した、がっかりした、当てがはずれた
★too bad - 馬鹿らしい、仕方がない、いけない
★puzzled - 当惑した、困惑した、戸惑った
★It's on me.- 私の奢りだよ。
★magic words - 呪文、魔法の言葉


1. What did Naomi do last week?
a. She went shopping with her sister.
b. She invited her sister to go with her to watch a movie.
c. She watched television at home.

2. Why did her sister refuse?
a. Her sister needs to go to the hospital.
b. Her sister will go to her husband's hometown.
c. Her sister wants to just stay at home.

3. How did Naomi feel because of that?
a. She felt happy.
b. She felt disappointed.
c. It didn't have any effect on her.


登場人物: H- ハンナ N- ナオミ


H: ナオミ、読んで貰って有難う。
N: (笑顔で)そうだと思うわ。
H: それじゃ、彼らは土曜日に何をしようとしていた?
N: 映画館に行こうとしてるわ。
H: その通りね! 貴方が映画に最後に行ったのはいつ?
N: んー。(考えながら)先週、妹を映画に誘ったのよ。
H: いいわね! どんな映画だったか教えて。(わくわくしているよう)
N: それがね、映画は見なかったの。(がっかりした様子で)
H: 本当?どうしたの?
N: 妹ったら病院に行かなくっちゃというのよ。
H: え、どういうこと?(困惑した様子で)
N: 私のおごりよ、って言おうと思っての。(にやっと笑いながら)
H: あはは!そりゃ、魔法の言葉だわね。 


今週のメルマガダイアログ "Thanks to Technology!"


Characters: H- Hanna T- Toru

During free chat...

H: It's nice to see you again, Toru! 
  How was your weekend? (smiling)
T: Well, just the usual. I helped my wife clean the house 
   last Saturday. (looks really bored)
H: Did you take your sons to the shopping mall? 
   I remember you said you made a promise to take them there.
T: You're right. (said it in a very sad tone) 
   Something happened so we weren't able to go. 
   A few months ago, we had a 'short meeting' with the boys. 
   My wife and I decided to give them money if they get good 
  grades. My wife thinks we'll save a lot because 
   we'll have less energy consumption. 
   My sons usually spend a lot of time watching TV and 
   playing video games.
H: I think that's a brilliant idea! Hitting two birds with 
   one stone.
T: Actually, no. I saw their report cards last Saturday.
H: What's wrong?
T: They got good grades, but our energy consumption remained 
   the same.
H: Why?
T: Well, kids nowadays need technology to survive. 
   Instead of the TV, the computer was overused. 
   I can't remember the last time I saw them turn it off!


★usual - 通常の、普通の、いつもの
★consumption - 消費
★brilliant - 素晴らしい、見事な、とてもいい
★Hitting two birds with one stone. - 一石二鳥を得ること
★actually - 実のところ、実際は
★remain -(状態が)依然として(相変わらず)~のままである
★technology - テクノロジー
★survive - 生き残る
★overuse - ~を使い過ぎる、酷使する


1) What did Toru do last Saturday?
a. He helped his wife clean the house.
b. He went to the shopping mall.
c. He fixed his car.

2) How did Toru and his wife motivate their kids to study harder?
a. They decided to give them money.
b. They decided to take them to the amusement park.
c. They decided to take them to the shopping mall.

3) Why did their energy consumption remain the same?
a. His sons still watched TV for hours.
b. His sons still played video games for hours.
c. His sons used their computers everyday.


登場人物: H- ハンナ T- トオル


H: また会えて嬉しいわ、トオル!
T: うん、いつも通りだよ。土曜日は妻の掃除を手伝ってさ。
H: 息子さんたちをショッピングモールには連れていったの?
T: その通りだよ。(とても悲しげな口調で言い)
H: それって素晴らしいアイデアだわ!一石二鳥じゃない。
T: それがそうでもないんだ。先週の土曜日に彼らの成績表を見てね。
H: 何か問題でも?
T: いい成績だったんだけど、僕らのエネルギー消費量はそのままさ。
H: どうして?
T: 今の子供たちは生き残る為にテクノロジーが必要なんだ。


今週のメルマガダイアログ”"Never Give Up!"


■"Never Give Up!"

Characters: H- Hanna, R- Ryuu

After reading the dialogue, Hanna and Ryuu started discussing. 

H: Why did they have to stand?
R: Well, there weren't any seats left.
H: You're absolutely right! They didn't have any choice. 
  How about you? How often do you take the train?
R: Maybe twice or three times a week.
H: That's great! That means you don't have to stand inside 
   a crowded train.
R: Indeed.
H: Now, another example. Let's say we are in a restaurant. 
   You asked the waitress to bring a bottle of beer. 
   She said, "There aren't any bottles of beer left." 
   Then, I will say, "I guess we'll just have to order iced tea."
R: Ah, beer is not available anymore. I see.
H: Can you give me another example? 
   (referring to 'There aren't any left. 
   We'll just have to .')
R: The waitress said, "There aren't any bottles of beer left." 
   I will say, "We'll just have to go to another restaurant."
H: Ha! Ha! Looks like you don't want to replace beer.
R: Of course! I'll never give up! (grinning)


★absolutely - 完全に、100%?だ、全く
★twice - 2回、2度
★thrice - 3回、3度
★crowded - 混雑した、いっぱいの、込み合った、満員の
★indeed - 本当に、確かに、いかにも
★waitress -(レストランなどの)ウェイトレス、女性の接客係


1) How often does Ryuu take the train?
a. Two or three times a month
b. Once a month
c. Once a week

2) What did Hanna order instead of a bottle of beer?
a. a glass of iced tea
b. a glass of orange juice
c. a glass of water


登場人物: H- ハンナ R- リュウ


H: どうして彼らは立っていなければならなかったの?
R: ええと、空いている席がなかったから。
H: 全くその通り!そうするしかなかったのよね。
R: 週に2、3回ってところかな。
H: よかったじゃない!それなら満員電車の中で立っていること
R: 確かに。
H: じゃあ、別の例ね。私達がレストランに居るとしましょう。
R: ビールはないのか。なんだあ。
H: 他の例を挙げてくれるかしら?
  (「There aren't any left. We'll just have to 
R: ウェイトレスが、「ビールを切らしてしまっています。」と
H: はは!ビールの代わりじゃ嫌なようね。
R: もちろん!僕は決して諦めないよ!(二カッと笑い)


今週のメールマガジンダイアログ"Grammar Trouble"

■"Grammar Trouble"



Characters: H- Hanna T- Toru

It's Toru's first class today. After Hanna's introduction, 
Toru was asked to say something about himself.

T: I have a sister and a brother. 
   My sister tied the knot five years ago and she has 
   three sons now. My brother is still single. 
   He works for an insurance company.
H: Thank you very much for sharing something about your 
   siblings, Toru.
T: I really miss them. We don't see each other often. 
   Let me share more. My sister was pretty.  
   She looks like one of my favorite actresses.
H: She was? So you mean she's not pretty anymore. (grinning)
T: Oh no. That's not what I was trying to say. 
   (scratching his head)
H: You're talking about the past when you use 'was'. 
   It means in the past, she was pretty but not anymore.
T: Really? Sorry. I mean she is pretty. 
   (putting emphasis on the word 'is')
H: That's better! (smiling)
T: Good thing she's not here. She speaks English really well. 
   I'm sure she'll get mad. (whispering)
H: Now you know the importance of tenses.(grinning)


★tie the knot - 結婚する
★insurance - 保険
★siblings - きょうだい、兄弟姉妹
★actress - 女優
★tenses -【文法】時制


1.) When did Toru's sister get married?
a. five years ago
b. four years ago
c. just last year

2.) Where does his brother work?
a. for a bank
b. for an insurance company
c. for a restaurant

3.) Who looks like a celebrity?
a. Toru
b. Toru's sister
c. Toru's brother 


登場人物: H - ハンナ T - トオル


T: 僕には姉と妹がいます。姉は5年前に結婚して、今3人の息子
H: きょうだいについて話してくれてありがとう、トオル。
T: 二人に会えなくて寂しいよ。しょっちゅう会わないからね。
H: 綺麗だった?じゃあ、今は綺麗じゃないのね。(ニヤッと笑い)
T: え、違うよ。そういうつもりで言ったんじゃないんだけどな。
T: そうなんだ。ごめんなさい。彼女は綺麗だよ。
H: 良くなったわ!(ほほ笑み)
T: ここに姉がいなくてよかったよ。彼女本当に英語が上手なんだ。
H: これで時制の大切さがわかったわね。(にっこり笑い)


メルマガダイアログ"Blessing in Disguise"


■"Blessing in Disguise"

Characters: H- Hanna, R- Ryuu

Ryuu is showing Hanna some pictures taken in Okinawa last month.

H: Wow! (amazed) Great shots! 
   This one looks like it's from the Internet.
R: No, it's not. I took the picture. 
   (said it in a matter-of-fact way) You can see that there are 
   a lot of tourists taking pictures. 
   (pointing at the tourists in the picture)
H: I mean, it looks really nice. 
   It's like a professional photographer took the picture.
R: Thank you. We really enjoyed our trip. 
   My kids also took too much pictures. (smiling)
H: I'm glad you had fun. 
   Were you able to follow your original plan?
R: Almost. We weren't able to eat grilled eel because 
   it's very expensive! 
H: Really? At least, you were able to try something else 
   because of that.
R: You're right. Since grilled eel is very expensive, 
   we ordered a lot of pork strips. 
   It's a blessing in disguise! 
   However, my son had some problems.
H: What happened? (surprised)
R: He had a stomachache after eating too much pork strips!
   (scratching his head)
H: Oh no! Not a blessing in disguise, then.


★tourists - 観光旅行者(客)、ツーリスト
★professional - プロの、専門の
★grilled - グリルした、網焼きの、焼き網で焼いた
★blessing in disguise - 不幸に見えても結局は幸福となるもの、


1) Where did Ryuu and his family go?
a. Hokkaido
b. Okinawa
c. Saitama

2) Why didn't they eat grilled eel?
a. Because it was not available.
b. Because it was very expensive.
c. They forgot to buy grilled eel.

3) What did they eat instead of grilled eel?
a. They ate pork strips.
b. They ate salad.
c. They ate spaghetti.


登場人物: H - ハンナ R - リュウ


H: わあ!(驚き)素敵な写真!
R: 違うよ、僕が撮ったんだ。(淡々とした口調で言う)
H: 私が言いたいのは、本当に素敵な写真だってことよ。
R: ありがとう。旅行、本当に楽しかったよ。
H: 満喫したようでよかったわ。
R: ほとんどは。鰻の蒲焼は食べられなかったけどね、高すぎて!
H: そうなの?少なくとも、代わりに他のものを食べることが
R: ああ。鰻の蒲焼が高くつくから、薄切り豚肉をたくさん
H: どうしたの?(驚いて)
R: 豚肉を食べすぎてお腹を壊しちゃったんだ。(頭を掻き)
H: あらやだ!それじゃあ不幸中の幸いじゃないじゃない。


"Spontaneous Human Combustion"


■"Spontaneous Human Combustion"

Characters: M: Mason:,  F: Felicity

Felicity enters the office and sees Mason fanning himself.

F: What's up with you? Is it still hot outside?
M: A little, but it's even hotter in here.
F: What are you talking about? We have the AC on full blast.
M: (looks at thermostat) So we do.
F: (rolling her eyes) Okay fine, so we still have a few weeks 
  of broiling hot summer weather ahead of us. 
   You don't see anyone else in the office complaining, do you? 
   Get over it!
M: That's not the problem. 
   (gestures to a steaming plate of curry) This is.
F: Your lunch? What's wrong with it?
M: I figured it wasn't spicy enough, so I added some special 
   hot sauce I brought from the States. 
   It's really strong stuff. Here, take a whiff.
F: (sniffs the bottle and jerks back her head) My God! 
   It feels like my nose is going to melt off! 
   How on Earth can you eat this stuff?
M: I guess I have a cast iron stomach. 
   (Adds more sauce to curry) 
   Why are you staring at me like that?
F: I'm waiting to see if you spontaneously combust.


★spontaneous human combustion - 人体自然発火現象
★full blast - フル回転(稼動)で、パワー全開で
★thermostat - 温度自動調節器、サーモスタット
★broiling -(焼けるように)暑い
★gesture - 身ぶりをする、身ぶり手ぶりで話す(表す)
★whiff -(香りや匂いの)一嗅ぎ
★jerk - 急に動く、ぐいと引く
★cast iron - 頑強な、丈夫な

●Comprehension Questions:

What does Mason think of the weather outside?

1. It's a little hot.
2. It's broiling hot.
3. It's not hot enough.

What does Felicity think of Mason's complaining?

1. He should turn the AC on full blast.
2. He should get over it.
3. He should add some more hot sauce.

What is Felicity waiting to see?

1. If Mason's nose will melt off.
2. If Mason will spontaneously combust.
3. If Mason will stop complaining about the weather.


登場人物: M:メイソン F:フェリシティー


F: どうしたの? 外はまだ暑いの?
M: ちょっとね、でもここの方がもっと暑いよ。
F: 何を言ってるの? エアコン、フル回転してるじゃない。
M: (温度自動調節器を見て)ああ。
F: (あきれた表情をし)オーケーわかったわ、まだ焼けるように
    でしょ? 我慢しなさい!
M: それが問題じゃないんだ。
F: あなたのランチ?それがどうかしたの?
M: 十分辛くなかったから、アメリカから持ってきたスペシャル
F: (ボトルを嗅いで、サッと身を引く)何これ!
M: 丈夫な胃なんだろうね。(カレーにもっとソースを足す)
F: あなたが自然発火するかどうかをうかがっているのよ。


DCECのメルマガダイアログ "Water Fight"


Characters: Mason: M, Umi: U

Mason swings into the office on his day off. 
He is dressed in shorts and is carrying a large water gun.

U: Hey Mason, fancy seeing you here. 
   What's with the water gun?
M: You know how I've been complaining about the heat? 
   Well, I've found a solution.
U: I see. So you're going to a water fight? 
   I guess that's smart.
M: Something like that. It's going to be a lot of fun. 
   I got soaked last time.
U: So you've done this before? How often?
M: Just once, but I had a blast. 
   Last weekend a bunch of us met up at Yoyogi park and 
   tried to keep cool.
U: Really? Last weekend? 
   But wasn't there a thunderstorm in Tokyo?
M: Yeah. How else do you think I got so wet?
U: Uh, hello? I would've thought the water guns had 
   something to do with it.
M: What, this thing? No, we don't use these to shoot 
   each other.
U: Then what are they for?
M: (shoots himself in the mouth) They're filled with 
   vodka and OJ.


★swing into-- - (少しの間)?に立ち寄る
★fancy - 気まぐれの、風変わりな、奇遇の
★solution - 解決、解決法、解決策
★soaked -(雨などで)ずぶぬれの、びしょびしょで
★a blast - 楽しい経験(時間)
★bunch -(a?)たくさんの、かなりの数の、大勢の
★thunderstorm - 激しい雷雨、雷をともなう豪雨
★shoot - 射撃する、撃つ
★OJ - = orange juice オレンジジュース

●Comprehension Questions:

What does Umi think Mason will do?
1. Complain about the heat.
2. Have a water fight.
3. Find a solution.

What did Mason do last weekend?
1. He met up with people at Yoyogi park.
2. Hide from the thunderstorm.
3. Complain about the heat.

How did Mason get so wet last weekend?
1. He was in a thunderstorm.
2. He was in a water fight.
3. He sweated too much.


登場人物: M - メイソン U - ウミ


U: あらメイソン、こんなところで会うなんて奇遇じゃない。
M: この暑さにどれだけ不満があるかわかるでしょ。
U: なるほど。で、水鉄砲合戦でも始めるの?賢いわね。
M: まあ、そんなところ。楽しくなりそうだよ。
U: 前にもやったことあるの?どのくらいの頻度で?
M: 一回だけど楽しかったよ。
U: 本当に?先週?でも東京は凄い雷雨じゃなかった?
M: ああ。そうじゃなきゃどうしてずぶぬれになったと思ったの?
U: え、ちょっと?てっきり水鉄砲で何かしたのかと思ったわ。
M: 何、これで?いや、撃ち合う為になんて使ったりなんてしないよ。
U: じゃ、それは何のため?
M: (自分の口の中に撃つ)ウォッカとオレンジジュースでいっぱいの


■"Bad Question"



Characters: H- Hanna, R- Ryuu

Ryuu talked about his vacation plan.

R: I'm really excited to go to Okinawa. 
   I already have an itinerary. (looks very happy)
H: That's great! How long are you going to stay there?
R: We will stay there for four days.
H: Awesome! Tell me a little bit about your plan.
R: My son and I will try parasailing, snorkeling, and rafting. 
   He's a little hesitant but I'm sure we'll have fun.
H: That's for sure! (smiling) 
   Tell me about your new experiences next week.

The next meeting...

H: How was your trip?
R: It was fantastic! I want to go there again next year.
H: I'm glad to hear that. 
   Were you able to follow your itinerary?
R: (thinking) Eighty percent, maybe. 
   My family and I had a great time. 
   However, I have a big problem. 
   (His facial expression suddenly changed.)
H: What is it?
R: When I asked my wife how much we spent for the trip, 
   she said,"Let's not go into that." Thinking about it, 
   it's the peak season. You know what I mean?
   (scratching his head)


★itinerary - 旅程、旅行プラン
★awesome - 素晴らしい、すごい、最高の、見事な
★parasailing - パラセーリング
★snorkeling - シュノーケリング
★rafting -(レジャーの)筏下り、ラフティング
★hesitant - ためらって、弱気で、気乗りしない、気が進まない
★fantastic - 素晴らしい、気分最高の


1. Where did Ryuu and his family go?
a. Hokkaido
b. Okinawa
c. Niigata

2. How long did they stay there?
a. for four days
b. for three days
c. for two days



登場人物: H - ハンナ R - リュウ


R: 沖縄に行くの凄くワクワクしてるんだ。
H: いいわね!どのくらい滞在するの?
R: 4日間だよ。
H: 最高ね!プランをちょっと聞かせてくれる?
R: 息子とパラセーリングにシュノーケリング、あとラフティングを
H: そうでしょうとも!(微笑んで)


H: 旅行はどうだった?
R: 最高だったよ!来年また行きたいよ。
H: それはよかったわね。旅行はプラン通りにいったの?
R: 旅行でいくら費やしたか妻に聞いたら「立ち入った話はしない




■"Payday Blues"

Characters: H - Hanna ; N - Nicole

It's the 25th of the month!

H: I'm glad it's already payday! (very energetic)
N: I agree. Are you planning to buy anything expensive 
   this month? 
H: Well, I don't have anything in mind. Oh, Nicole!
   (facing Nicole)
N: Yes? (turned her head)
H: Don't you think it'd better if we will have two paydays 
   in a month? (said it with a smile)
N: You mean every 15th and 30th of the month?
H: That's right! 
N: I think it'd better to get the money once a month 
   so that you'll learn how to budget your money more carefully. 
   (continued scanning some documents)
H: But... 
N: No ifs or buts! (forcing herself not to laugh)
H: It's not really about using the money wisely. 
   It's just that we'll have two happy days in a month instead of 
   just one. Motivation! (grinning)
N: Ha! Ha! Ha! Then, just think that you're the richest woman 
   in town every 25th of the month. 
   I think that would motivate you more. 


★payday - 賃金[給与]の支払日、給料日
★energetic - 〔人や行為が〕活動的な、精力的な
★in mind - 〔?を〕考慮して、念頭に置いて
★budget - 予算を立てる、〔時間・資金などを〕割り当てる
★wisely - 賢明に、抜け目なく
★motivation - 動機、動機付け、自発性、やる気、刺激、意欲


1. Why is Hanna very happy today?
a. It's her birthday.
b. It's payday.
c. She received a gift.

2. When do they get their salary?
a. every 25th of the month
b. every 15th and 30th of the month
c. every first Sunday of the month


登場人物: H - ハンナ N - ニコル








■"An Arm and a Leg"

Characters: S - Shima  N - Nicole  H - Hanna 

In the office...

S: Who wants to learn how to speak Japanese? (very relaxed)
H: I would love to! (looking too excited)
S: We are going to have lessons every Tuesday and Wednesday.
N: So who's going to teach? (looking at Shima)
S: I'll be teaching you and the other GVs. 
H: In the Philippines, it's too expensive to take Japanese 
   lessons. To add to that, I'm not sure if they're competent 
   enough since they're not native speakers and it's not our 
   second language. (in a matter-of-fact tone)
N: Now you're giving him too much pressure. (grinning)
S: Don't worry. I'm a native speaker. 
H: But that means it's going to cost us an arm and a leg 
   because you are going to be our 'sensei'.
S: It's for free. (smiling)


★competent - 有能な、堪能な
★native speaker - ネイティブ・スピーカー
★too much pressure - 過度の圧力(プレッシャー)
★matter-of-fact - 事実に即した、事務的な
★costs an arm and a leg -(出費が)高くつく


1. How many times are they going to have Japanese lessons
in a week ?
a. Once
b. Twice
c. Thrice

2. Who is going to be the teacher?
a. Shima
b. Nicole
c. Hanna

3. How much do they have to pay for the lessons?
a. 10,000 yen
b. 20,000 yen
c. 0yen


登場人物: S - 島 N - ニコル H - ハンナ




■"Diet 101 : Variety"



Characters: H - Hanna N - Nicole

Nicole and Hanna are on their way to the pantry.

H: What do you have for lunch?
N: Well, I have egg sandwich, as usual. 
H: You eat egg sandwich almost everyday! Uncanny! 
  (eyes wide open)
N: I know, I know. (raising her right hand slightly) 
   Let's see. How about you?
H: I'm going to eat fried chicken, canneloni and mushroom soup. 
N: That's a lot! 
H: I'm starving! (touching her belly) These are not enough. 
N: I guess you're feeding a monster in your stomach.
   That's gluttony! (grinning)
H: At least I'm eating good food and I don't eat the same thing 
   every single day. You need variety, Nicole.
   (in a matter of fact tone)
N: You mean instead of egg sandwich, I should eat ham and 
   cheese sandwich tomorrow? (teasing Hanna)
H: Of course not! I mean you should eat steak instead of 
   a sandwich. 
   Or maybe pizza!
N: Ha! Ha! I'm just kidding. Alright, you win! I'll bring a 
   box of pizza tomorrow. (wink)


★uncanny -(気味が悪いほど)異様な、尋常ではない
★canneloni - カネロニ【太い円筒のパスタ。中に具を詰める】
★starving - 飢えた、飢えて死にそうな
★gluttony - 大食い、暴飲暴食
★variety - 変化に富むこと、多様さ
★matter of fact - 事務的な、無味乾燥な、淡々とした
★tone - 調子、口調
★kidding - 冗談をいう、からかう


1. What did Nicole bring for lunch?
a. French fries
b. cheeseburger
c. egg sandwich

2. How about Hanna?
a. fried chicken, canneloni, and mushroom soup
b. chicken fillet and mashed potato
c. fried chicken and spaghetti

3. What is Nicole going to bring tomorrow?
a. a bag of chips
b. a tub of ice cream
c. a box of pizza


登場人物: H - ハンナ N - ニコル




メールマガジンのダイアログ"Tan Your Hide"


■"Tan Your Hide"

Characters: Mason: M, F: Felicity, S: Shima

(Mason is looking at his reflection, inspecting his skin tone)

M: Hey, Felicity. Can you come here for a second?
F: Yeah, sure. What's up?
M: Do I look pale to you? 
   I think I need to get some more sunlight.
F: I wouldn't be so worried if I were you. 
   The sun can be dangerous. At least here in the office you 
  can keep cool and you don't have to worry about skin cancer.
M: That's true, but I'm going to burn something awful come beach        
   season. Look at me! I'm as pale as a freaking ghost!
F: If you're worried about that, maybe you should get a base 
   tan at a salon or something.
M: Hey, yeah! My gym has a tanning booth! I'll go right now!

(Later in the day, Mason returns. He has a sunburn and is 
walking funny)

F: You overdid it, didn't you?
M: Maybe just a little.
F: I told you so. You're better off staying inside the office.

(Shima enters)

S: Oh, hi Mason! (slaps Mason's back) How are you today?
M: (yelps) I've been better.
S: Why? What's wrong?
F: (smirks) I think he's just a little stiff and sore today.
S: Is that so? Well lucky for you I give great massages! 
  (grabs Mason's shoulders and kneads them roughly)
   There, isn't that better? Why are you crying?


★tan (someone's) hide -(人)をひっぱたく、ぶったたく
★What's up? - どうしたの?何かあった?
★pale -(顔色などが)青白い、青ざめた
★if I were you - もし私があなただったら
★burn - ひどく日に焼ける、ひどく日焼けする
★something awful - ひどく、容赦なく
★freaking - ひどく、すごく
★ghost - 幽霊、亡霊
★base tan - じっくり徐々に日焼けすること
★sunburn - 炎症を伴う日焼け
★overdo (something) - ?をやり過ぎる、度を超す
★I told you so. - 言った通りでしょ。だから言ったでしょ。
★better off - もっと良い状態になる

●Comprehension Questions:

What is Mason worried about?
1. Looking pale.
2. Ghosts.
3. Getting a good massage.

Where did Felicity suggest Mason go?
1. The beach.
2. A massage parlor.
3. A tanning salon.

Why did Mason cry when Shima tried to give him a massage?
1. He is too pale.
2. He has a sunburn.
3. He didn't stay in the office.


登場人物: M - メイソン F - フェリシティ S - 島








今週のメールマガジンのダイアログ "Certified Shopaholic"


■"Certified Shopaholic"

Characters: H- Hanna M - Masako

During a free chat....

H: So how was your trip? 
M: It was really fun. I'm glad they allowed us to roam around 
  and shop even for just two hours. I heard that people have to    
   bargain whenever they go shopping in China so I was really 
   excited. (smiling widely)
H: Sounds great! Tell me more about it. (looking too excited)
M: I asked for the price first. You can say,"Duo xiao qian?"
H: Wow! (impressed) You sound like a pro!
M: I know! But of course, I still need more practice.
H: I guess you saved a lot of bucks this time around.
M: Unfortunately, I spent more than usual. (scratching her head)
H: Why? (puzzled)
M: I bought a lot because the deals were too good to pass up! 
   The items I bought were easy on the wallet!
H: Uh-oh! Forget about being frugal! (grinning)


★roam around - 放浪する、歩き回る
★bargain -(値段を)交渉で決める
★like a pro - 本格的(プロ並み・専門家レベル)な
★bucks -(ある量の)お金
★deals - 掘り出し物、バーゲン品
★pass up - 辞退する、逃す
★easy on the wallet - 懐が痛まない、安価である
★frugal -(暮らし・食事・お金の使い方などが)質素な、

●Comprehension Questions

1) Where did Masako go?
a. Thailand
b. China
c. Vietnam

2) How much time did she spend for shopping?
a. an hour
b. a half day
c. two hours


登場人物: H - ハンナ M - マサコ


M:最初に値段を訊いたの。「ドゥオ シャオ チェン?」


DCEC GV Pauloの見たエルサレム










"Riding a Death Trap" 死のトラップに乗る



Characters: M: Mason, U: Umi, F: Felicity

M: Ah! What a great vacation! After months of grueling work,
  it's so good to have finally gotten a little R&R.
U: I'm glad to hear that you're well-rested.
   What did you do with yourself in your time off?
M: Nothing, mostly. But I did get the chance to visit Yokohama
   the other day.
U: That's nice. How was it?
M: Pretty good. I visited Chinatown, walked along the pier,
   and went to Cosmo World.
F: Ooh, Cosmo World! That sounds like fun!
M: Yeah, it was okay.
F: What do you mean just "okay?"
   Didn't you go on any of the rides?
M: God no! You'll never get me on one of those death traps!
F: (rolling her eyes) Oh come on, Mason. They're perfectly safe!
M: Famous last words.
U: Do you mean to tell us you're afraid of heights?
M: No, of course not. I'd just rather not fall and leave a
   Mason-shaped splatter on the concrete.
F: Maybe you'd prefer to do something a little safer next time        
   instead? Say, for instance, karaoke?
M: (blank stare) Riding a death trap sounds lovely, thank you.


★vacation - 休暇、休廷期間、休日
★grueling -(精神的・肉体的に)非常に骨の折れる、
★R&R = rest and relaxation - 保養休暇、休養兼娯楽
★pretty good - かなり良い、なかなかいい
★pier - 埠頭、桟橋、防波堤
★death trap - 死の落とし穴
★famous last words - ずいぶん自信があるね、それはどうかな
★splatter - はねかし、はね散らすこと(音)
★say - 例えば
★for instance - 例えば、例として
★lovely -(皮肉な意味で)素晴らしい

●Comprehension Questions:

Where did Mason go on vacation?
1. Yokohama
2. Back home
3. Tokyo

Why didn't Mason get on any of the rides?
1. He thinks they're death traps.
2. He didn't have enough money.
3. He ran out of time.

What did Felicity suggest Mason try next time?
1. Karaoke
2. Go to the beach
3. Mountain climbing


登場人物: M - メイソン U - ウミ F - フェリシティー

M: ああ!なんて素晴らしい休暇だったんだ!何ヶ月も仕事で疲れ
U: 十分休息できたみたいで良かったわね。
M: ほとんど何も。でもこの間横浜に行く機会があったんだ。
U: いいわね。どうだった?
M: なかなか良かったよ。中華街に行って、桟橋沿いを歩き、
F: あー、コスモワールド!楽しそう!
M: ああ、まあまあだったよ。
M: 乗るわけないよ!そうやって死の落とし穴に入れようという手には
M: それはどうかな。
U: まさか高所恐怖症って言うんじゃないでしょうね?
M: もちろん違うよ。ただ、落ちてコンクリートにメイソン型の血
F: 次は代わりに少し安全なことをしたがいいかもね?ほら、例えば


"Ginseng" 「朝鮮人参」


Characters: H - Hanna R - Ryuu

During a free chat session...

R: How about you? How's your day?
H: Well, I forgot to bring my flash drive again! 
   (placing her hand flat across her face)
R: This is the third time, right? 
   Don't you think it's a sign of ageing? (grinning)
H: But you are older than me!
R: I know. But I'm young at heart, so everything follows. 
H: How do you keep yourself as efficient as before? 
R: Let me tell you a secret.
H: Spill the beans! (looking too excited)
R: (whispering) My wife adds ginseng to my coffee everyday.
H: So ginseng helps you improve your memory?
R: No, it makes me feel anxious so I triple-check everything 
   before I leave the house! (scratching his head)
H: Ha! Ha! Then it's true that memory enhancers are not 


★flash drive - フラッシュメモリードライブ
★young at heart - 気が若い、気持ちは若い
★efficient - 効率的な、有能な
★spill the beans -(うっかり)秘密を漏らす
★ginseng - 朝鮮人参(の根)
★anxious - 心配な、気掛かりな
★triple-check - ?を三重にチェックする
★memory enhancers - 記憶力促進剤

●Comprehension questions

1. What did Hanna forget to bring?
a. her handkerchief
b. her flash drive
c. her mobile phone

2. What is Ryuu's secret?
a. His wife cooks ramen everyday.
b. He goes jogging everyday.
c. His wife adds ginseng to his coffee everyday.

3. How many times does Ryuu check his things before leaving 
   the house?
a. Once
b. Two times
c. Three times


登場人物:  H - ハンナ R - リュウ





■"Donate Your Brain to Science"



Characters: Mason: M, Umi: U

Mason walks into the office after a busy day in Tokyo.
He looks tired and disheveled.

U: Hey Mason. How was Tokyo?
M: It was packed! There were so many people at Ueno and Akihabara
  that I barely got any work done. 
U: Really? No wonder you look so flustered.
   Was it really that bad?
M: Ugh, it was terrible! I think the entire population of Japan
   was out shopping today. It nearly took me an hour just to get        
   across the street.
U: Now surely you're exaggerating. It can't have been that bad.
M: I'm only exaggerating a little bit, that's the weird thing.
U: It's not that weird. A lot of people have today off so it
   makes sense that they'd be out shopping.
M: I guess. All I'm saying is that Tokyo is probably the worst
   place to be during a zombie outbreak.
U: Oh, come on! That's ridiculous!
M: You won't think it's so ridiculous when you're face-to-face
   with a horde of the undead but can't run away because you're
   stuck behind a blockade of people who are just milling about
   trying to decide whether or not they need to add yet another
   tie bar to their already bloated collection of useless
   wardrobe accessories.
U: (gives Mason a blank stare) You should really consider
   donating your brain to science.


★disheveled -(服装・髪などが)乱れた、だらしない
★packed - 混んだ、人でいっぱいの
★barely - ほとんど~ない、~するのがやっと、どうにかこうにか
★flustered - オロオロした、狼狽した、落ち着きを失った
★population - 人口、住民数
★surely - 確かに、確実に、必ず、きっと
★exaggerating - 大げさな、オーバーな
★can't have been - ~であったはずがない
★zombie - ゾンビ、死んだ(魂の抜けた)人間
★outbreak - 突発、発生、勃発
★ridiculous - ばかげた、おかしな、滑稽な
★face-to-face - 対面の、直面した、直接顔を合わせての
★horde -(動物・騒々しい人々などの)大群、多数
★undead - アンデッド。超常的な力で活動する死者
★blockade -(進行などの)障害(物)(交通などの)妨害
★mill about - 動き回る、あたりをうろつく
★bloated - 膨れた、膨れ上がった、肥大化した、むくんだ
★donate - 提供する、寄付する

●Comprehension Quetions:

Who did Mason think was out shopping?
1. Umi.
2. Zombies.
3. The entire population of Japan.

What does Umi think about being in Tokyo during the zombie outbreak?
1. It's tiring.
2. It's terrible.
3. It's ridiculous.

What did Umi suggest Mason do?
1. Mason should go back to Tokyo later.
2. Mason should consider donating his brain to science.
3. Mason should stop being ridiculous.


登場人物   M: メイソン  U: ウミ


U: あら、メイソン。東京はどうだった?
M: 人でいっぱいだったよ!
U: 本当?道理で落ち着きを失った様子なのね。
M: そりゃもう!日本の全人口が今日ショッピングに来たんじゃないか
U: 大げさね。そこまでひどくはないでしょ。
M: ちょっとだけオーバーなだけだよ。それがおかしなところなんだ。
U: そんなおかしくなんかないわよ。今日は大勢の人達が休みだから
M: 多分ね。何を言いたいかというと、東京はゾンビが大発生したら
U: 何それ!馬鹿げた話ね!
M: アンデッドの群れに直面したけれど、すでに膨れ上がった役に立た


"One in a million"


Characters:   H - Hanna    R - Ryuu

During a free chat session...

H: You said you have a son?
R: Yes. I have a perfect son! (beaming with pride)
H: Wow! Really? (unconvinced)
  Does he stay out all night with friends?
R: No, he doesn't. I never had problems with that.
H: Is he a smoker?
R: Hell, no! My wife's allergic to smoke.
   She'll surely freak out if that's the case.
H: Great! Does he drink beer?
R: No, he doesn't.
H: Impressive! He is indeed one in a million. (eyes sparkling)
   How old is he now?
R: He will be eight months old next week.(grinning)
H: Ha! Ha! You should've told me earlier.


★stay out all night - 朝帰りをする
★smoker - 喫煙者
★allergic -  アレルギー(性)の、(人が)アレルギー体質の、嫌いな、
★freak out - ひどくびくつく(興奮する)、パニックな状態に陥る
★impressive -  印象的な、感動的な、素晴らしい
★one in a million - 百万に一つ(のもの)、100万人に一人(の人物、逸材)

●Comprehension questions:

1. What was the conversation all about?
a) Ryuu's son
b) Hanna's hobbies
c) Ryuu's new job

2. According to Ryuu, what is his wife allergic to?
a) seafood
b) smoke
c) aspirin

3. How old is Ryuu's son?
a) eight years old
b) 18 years old
c) eight months old


登場人物:  H - ハンナ   R - リュウ


H: 息子さんがいるって言ってたわよね?
R: ああ。完璧な息子さ!(鼻高々に)
H: わあ!本当?(確信のない様子で)
R: しないよ。そういう問題は今までなかったね。
H: 喫煙家?
R: とんでもない!妻は煙草嫌いなんだ。
H: 素敵!ビールは飲むの?
R: 飲まないよ。
H: 素晴らしいわね!本当に百人に一人の逸材ね。(目を輝かせて)
R: 来週で8ヶ月になるよ。(ニヤっと笑い)
H: やだ、ははは!それを早く言うべきだわ。