"One in a million"


Characters:   H - Hanna    R - Ryuu

During a free chat session...

H: You said you have a son?
R: Yes. I have a perfect son! (beaming with pride)
H: Wow! Really? (unconvinced)
  Does he stay out all night with friends?
R: No, he doesn't. I never had problems with that.
H: Is he a smoker?
R: Hell, no! My wife's allergic to smoke.
   She'll surely freak out if that's the case.
H: Great! Does he drink beer?
R: No, he doesn't.
H: Impressive! He is indeed one in a million. (eyes sparkling)
   How old is he now?
R: He will be eight months old next week.(grinning)
H: Ha! Ha! You should've told me earlier.


★stay out all night - 朝帰りをする
★smoker - 喫煙者
★allergic -  アレルギー(性)の、(人が)アレルギー体質の、嫌いな、
★freak out - ひどくびくつく(興奮する)、パニックな状態に陥る
★impressive -  印象的な、感動的な、素晴らしい
★one in a million - 百万に一つ(のもの)、100万人に一人(の人物、逸材)

●Comprehension questions:

1. What was the conversation all about?
a) Ryuu's son
b) Hanna's hobbies
c) Ryuu's new job

2. According to Ryuu, what is his wife allergic to?
a) seafood
b) smoke
c) aspirin

3. How old is Ryuu's son?
a) eight years old
b) 18 years old
c) eight months old


登場人物:  H - ハンナ   R - リュウ


H: 息子さんがいるって言ってたわよね?
R: ああ。完璧な息子さ!(鼻高々に)
H: わあ!本当?(確信のない様子で)
R: しないよ。そういう問題は今までなかったね。
H: 喫煙家?
R: とんでもない!妻は煙草嫌いなんだ。
H: 素敵!ビールは飲むの?
R: 飲まないよ。
H: 素晴らしいわね!本当に百人に一人の逸材ね。(目を輝かせて)
R: 来週で8ヶ月になるよ。(ニヤっと笑い)
H: やだ、ははは!それを早く言うべきだわ。