Gargantuan Buddha



eye catcher‐目を引く
ghastly comment‐ぞっとするような(恐ろしい)コメント
serene place‐静かな(穏かな)場所
array of‐ずらっと並んだ

T: Tre   K: Koh

At the end of the lesson...

K: Tre, can I ask a question?
T: Sure, just throw it in.
K: Something caught my eyes when I browsed the DCEC's
   Photoblog a week ago.
T: I bet you were captivated by that cute photo of the
K: That one is really an eye catcher but my inquiry is
   not about that…
T: I see…so what is it?
K: I'm wondering who took the picture of the Ushiku
T: (A little bit hesitant to admit) Hmmm…that's my shot.
   Is there a problem with the picture?
K: Although I am not adept at photography, it's a good
T: Whew! (Relieved from Koh's comments) I thought I would
   be hearing a ghastly comment!
K: I'm just planning to bring my family there next spring.
   Would you recommend it?
T: No doubt, that's a nice and serene place to be with
   your family.
K: Really?
T: Your family will be amazed by its colossal structure.
   It is one of the tallest statues in the world soaring
   to 120 meters! In addition, you can tour around the
   four levels of the statue. On the fourth floor, you
   can gaze the peaceful grounds with the appealing array
   of flowers. It is awesome!
K: I totally agree with you… in the picture, the facade
   of the statue is really gargantuan.
T: My fascination moved to another level when I roamed
   around in the museum-like interior of the statue. 
K: Are there any other family-friendly amenities?
T: You bet! As far as I could recall, there was a pond
   where my friend and I fed the big carp. Moreover, if
   I'm not mistaken, I saw an animal park at the back of
   the statue.
K: Wow…that's fantastic! Alright then, I will inform my
family about it. (Looking at the wall clock). Oh no…
   it's already time to go. Sorry, I took up some of your
T: No problem. See you next week.
K: Thank you and see you next week, too.


★eye catcher‐目を引く
★ghastly comment‐ぞっとするような(恐ろしい)コメント、
★serene place‐静かな(穏かな)場所
★colossal structure‐偉大な構造
★array of‐ずらっと並んだ
★roamed around‐歩きまわる


登場人物   T: トレ   K: コウ


K: トレ、質問していい?
T: もちろん、質問しちゃって。
K: 1週間前にDCECのフォトブログを見ていて気になったことが
T: あのかわいい子犬の写真に魅了されたんじゃないの。
K: あれは本当に目を引かれるよね。でもぼくが聞きたいのはそ
T: そうなの…じゃあ何?
K: 牛久大仏の写真を誰が撮ったのかと思って。
T: (認めるのをためらいながら)ん…あれはぼくだけど。あの写
K: ぼくは写真の名人ではないけど、あれはいいショットだよ。
T: ふぅ! (コウのコメントに安心する) 悪いコメントを聞かさ
K: 次の春に家族をそこへ連れて行こうと計画をしているんだ。
T: もちろん、家族と行くには静かでいい場所だよ。
K: 本当?
T: 巨大な構造にきみの家族もびっくりするよ。世界で最も高い
K: きっとそうだよね…あの写真で見ると像の外観は本当に巨大
T: 別の階を見てまわると像の内部は博物館のようで、本当に
K: 他に家族向けの施設はある?
T: あるよ!覚えている限りでは、池があって、ぼくはそこで友
K: おお…それは最高だな!じゃあわかった、家族にそれを伝え
T: 大丈夫。また来週。
K: ありがとう。じゃあまた来週。


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Holy smoke!


October is ending and it only means one thing... PARTY!
Yes ladies, invitations for different parties are pouring at this time of the year.
So, be it a Halloween costume party or just the usual gathering of friends, we should always try to look good.
One thing I have always longed to try is to have smoky eyes.
I think it would look nice, especially if you are going to a night party.

For some pointers on how to get the smoky eye look, check out the tutorial video.
I am pretty sure your friends will say "Holy smoke!" when they see this new look on you.

holy smoke - what a surprise



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Must Love Dogs


In these days, the definition of family is no longer limited to the parents and their children (referred to as the nuclear family).
Most of us have extended families, including grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.
I, for one, grew up in an extended family environment.
But this kind of family doesn't not only include relatives but also, for some, it includes pets.

We take care of our pets just like we would our own child.
I even know a kid who included their pet in his family tree!
And if you are lucky (or you just have a good trainer), your lovable creatures might be like the dogs in this viral video.
Your pride and joy might become stars!

nuclear family - family consisting of father, mother and their offsprings
conjugal family - family consisting of parents, offsprings and grandparents of a marital partner
pride and joy  - someone or something that one is very proud of



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Teasing in Class


Characters:  N - Nicole    H - Hiro       M - Mayu

Because of Nicole's leave in the previous week, her
learners were eager to know what she was up to...

H: Hi, Nicole!  Welcome back! (teasing his governess)
N: Haha!  (trying to be sarcastic) Funny, Hiro!
   Did you miss me, Mayu?
M: I sure did!  You missed a great story last week.
N: Is that so?  Care to fill me in?
H: Nah... better luck next time.  Hahaha!
M: Hiro!  Don't mind him, he just missed teasing you last
N: I know!  (both ladies laughing at the beaming Hiro)
H: Actually, I got a 200 point increase in my TOEIC score.
N: Yahoo!  Congratulations, Hiro.  So, does that mean
   you'll get the promotion?
M: Oh, he sure did!  Right, Hiro?
H: (blushing at his classmate's remark) Kinda.
N: What do you mean by "kinda"?
H: The official announcement will be made next month.
   But I definitely got it!
N: Sweet!  I am so happy for you.  Well done, Hiro!
M: How about you, Nicole?  (inquiring about her governesses'
   whereabouts) What were you up to last week?
N: I went to Shibuya and met a dear friend from Australia.
   We shared the same dormitory in 2006.
H: Cool!  So, you went down the memory lane, huh?
   I am guessing it took more than two hours, right?
M: (sizing up her governess)  Hmm... I would say, it was
   close to four hours.  Right, Nicole?
N: You're getting warmer, Mayu.  It was close to seven
   hours, actually!
H: What?!  (shaking his head) Didn't you guys run out of
N: C'mon... we needed to do a lot of catching up.  A lot
   of things have happened in a span of four years, you
M: Sounds great!  (winking at Nicole)
H: Ladies can spend all their free time chatting with
N: We sure can...
H: I know!  My sister does that, too.  She babbles a lot
   on the phone with her friends..., but she was just with
   them an hour ago.    
M: Well, not everyone has the gift of gab.
H: (raising his hands as a sign of surrender)  Women!
N: Oh, c'mon Hiro... there are some exceptions to the rule.
   Plus, I know some men who like to talk as much as some
women do.
H: (looking unconvinced)  Oh...
M: Take, for instance, this guy I know...
H: Yeah...
M: He recently got a promotion and...
N: (nodding in agreement)
H: Huh?  Who is that?  (acting as if he were innocent)
N: You don't know?  Anyone has a mirror?
   (everyone bursting into laughter)


★up to‐できごと、~をしていた
(よくする挨拶でWhat have you been up to?「どうしてた?
★fill ~ in‐空いた時期などを(情報で)埋める
★better luck next time‐残念だけど、この次はうまくいくよ
★kinda = kind of‐「まあそんなような感じです」
★Well done!‐よくやったね!
★go down the memory lane‐思い出に浸る
★size up ~‐~を確認する、~を見て判断する
★getting warmer‐正解に近づいている
★run out of‐~が無くなる[切れる]
★span of‐~の間、~の期間
★gift of gab‐弁才がある
★exceptions to the rule‐例外
★for instance‐例えば


登場人物   N - ニコル    H - ヒロ       M - マユ


H: ハイ、ニコル!おかえり! (自分のガヴァネスをからかう)
N: ハハ!(わざとらしく言う) 笑えるわ。ヒロ!マユ、私がいなく
M: もちろん! 先週おもしろい話があったのに、残念だったわね。
N: そうなの?教えてくれる?
H: だめ… 残念だったね。  ハハハ!
M: ヒロったら! 彼を無視して。彼はただ、先週あなたをからかえ
N: 知ってる! (女性2人が笑顔のヒロを笑う)
H: 実は、TOEICのスコアが200点上がったんだ。
N: やった!おめでとう、ヒロ。 ということは昇進するってこと?
M: あら、もちろん、したわよ。でしょ、ヒロ?
H: (クラスメートの発言に顔を赤くする) そんなとこかな。
N: 「そんなとこ」ってどういう意味?
H: 正式な報告は来月あるんだ。でも確実にできるよ!
N: よかった! 私もうれしいわ。よくやったね、ヒロ!
M: あなたはどうなの、ニコル? (ガヴァネスの消息を尋ねている)
N: 渋谷に行って、オーストラリアの親友と会ってきたの。2006年に
H: じゃあ、思い出話をしてきたんだね?2時間以上かかったんじゃ
M: (ガヴァネスを見て判断する) んん…4時間近くじゃないかな。
N: 正解に近付いてるわよ、マユ。実は7時間近くなの!
H: え?! (ありえないと言うように首を横に振る) 話すこと無くな
N: 何言ってるのよ…積もる話がたくさんだったのよ。4年の間にた
M: 楽しそうね!(ニコルにウィンクする)
H: 女性は空いている時間を全て友達とのおしゃべりに使えるんだな。
N: もちろん使えるわ…
H: 知ってるよ! ぼくの姉もそうだよ。友達と電話でペラペラやっ
M: だけど、みんなが弁才があるとは限らないのよ。
H: (両手を上げて、お手上げのサインを出す) 女性だ!
N: ちょっと、待ってよ、ヒロ…例外もあるわよ。それに、男性でも
H: (納得のいかない様子) ん…
M: 例えを上げると、知っている人なんだけど…
H: うん…
M: 最近、昇進が決まった人でね…
N: (賛成してうなづく)
H: え?  誰それ? (自分は無実であるかのようにふるまう)
N: 知らないの?誰か鏡持ってる?


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使える表現が満載! DCECメルマガダイアログ。 「記憶に残る名台詞」


"Memorable lines"
★put a different taste to sth‐何かに違う味を加える、いつもと少し変える
like cats on hot bricks‐焦って、そわそわして
★bated breath‐ハラハラして、息を止めて
★jumped out of his seat‐びっくりする(あまりの驚きに席から飛び上がる)
look somebody up‐だれかを尊敬する
E: Emery M: Makoto  K: Kiyo

After a nerve-racking recall and practice.

E: To put a different taste to the usual discussion, 
   let's try something new. I'll play some short videos 
   which I got from the Internet and you will guess 
   the movie title. 
M: Will you give us some clues? 
E: Don't be like cats on hot bricks. I am sure you know 
   most of these movies. 

Makoto and Kiyo waited with bated breath for the first 
movie line. Emery clicks the button to play the video.
(“I'll be back”) 

M: (almost jumped out of his seat) The Terminator!
E: That's a quick one! Great! Next.
(“Carpe diem!”)

The two learners seemed lost. 

E: OK. The lead actor is Robin Williams. It's about a 
   teacher who inspires his students to love poetry. 
   This is one of my favorites. 
M: Err. I haven't got a clue but I've always looked up 
   to Robin Williams. 
K: I give up! ‘Carpe diem' is news to me.

Emery explained the phrase and mentioned the movie title. 

E: Ready for the next one? Emery pressed the button to 
   play (“I'm the King of the World.”)
K: Got it! It's Titanic (doing the action of Leonardo 
   DiCaprio). Titanic is one of the most spectacular 
   movies of all time and a top-grosser indeed. 
E: I agree. I specifically like the scene when Jack was 
   saying good bye to Rose. 

Emery clicks the button once again. 
(‘Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, 
no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.')

Makoto and Kiyo seem to be absorbed by Jack's lines. 

E: Promise me now guys, that you won't give up…on 
   learning English. Promise me now and never let go of 
   that promise (imitating Jack's lines)
K: I'll never let go Emery. 

Emery looks at Makoto. 

M: (cups both hands around his mouth and shouts) Cut! 
  Nice one!

During the filming of movies, directors shout ‘cut' to 
mean the end of the scene.  


★put a different taste to sth‐何かに違う味を加える、
★like cats on hot bricks‐焦って、そわそわして
★bated breath‐ハラハラして、息を止めて
★jumped out of his seat‐びっくりする
★carpe diem‐ラテン語で「今を楽しめ」という意味
★haven't got a clue‐さっぱりわからない
★look somebody up‐だれかを尊敬する


登場人物  E: エメリー   M: マコト    K: キヨ


E: いつものディスカッションに一味加えて、新しいことをやって
M: ヒントはくれるの?
E: 焦らないで。ほとんど知っている映画だと思うわ。 

(“I'll be back.”) 

M: (椅子から飛び上がりそうになる) ターミネーター!
E: 早かったわね!すばらしい!次。
(Carpe diem!”)


E: オッケー。ロビン・ウィリアムスが主演です。 自分の生徒た
M: んん。見当もつかないけど、ロビン・ウィリアムスはずっと尊
K: ギブアップ!‘Carpe diem'は初めて聞いたわ。


E: 次いいかしら?エメリーが再生ボタンを押す。
   (“I'm the King of the World.”)
K: わかった!タイタニックでしょ(レオナルド・ディカプリオの
E: そうね。ジャックがローズにお別れを言うシーンが特に好きだ



E: じゃあ、みんな約束してね…英語の勉強をあきらめないことを。 
K: 絶対に忘れないわ、エメリー。 


M: (メガホンのように口に両手をあて) カット!いいね!




使える英会話表現がいっぱい。DCECのメルマガダイアログ。"Movie buffs"



same here‐自分もです(同意や自分も同じであることを伝える)
caught up in ~‐~に巻き込まれる、熱中する、夢中になる
you know me too well‐私のことを嫌と言うほどわかってるね
movie buff‐映画好き、映画ファン
count us in‐人数に入れる
Characters: K: Ken; T: Taka; F: Felicity
In the lobby...

K: Hi, Taka! Good to see you again.
T: Yeah, same here. It's been a while.
K: I was wondering what happened to you. Is everything alright?
T: It's all good. I just got caught up in work last month.
K: Well, it's good to have you back. How about grabbing some 
   drinks after your class? What do you say?
T: Sounds tempting...(pauses) I'm afraid I have to pass. 
   I just had my health check last month and I have to cut down 
   on alcohol per my doctor's advice.
K: Uh-oh. Sorry to hear that. Well then how about taking in a movie?
T: Sounds pretty good to me. What do you have in mind?
K: I heard there's a new Tom Cruise movie coming out soon.
T: A Tom Cruise movie? You know me too well.
K: Yeah, I know you're such a movie buff. How about this weekend?
T: This weekend? Sorry, no can do. I have to report back to 
   the office to finish some documents.

Felicity enters the lobby.

F: (notices Ken and Taka talking) Sorry to interrupt, guys. 
   Ready for class?
K & T: Yes.

In the classroom...

F: Before we start our lesson today, I would like to invite 
   you to join the DCEC movie club this month. This activity 
   will include watching a movie, a fun discussion and 
   socializing with other students in English.
K: (Ken and Taka exchange glances) Will it include downing
   some popcorn and some beer?
F: (chuckled) Yeah, sure. 
T: (grinning from ear to ear) OK then, count us in!


★same here‐自分もです(同意や自分も同じであることを伝える)
★a while‐しばらく
★It's all good.‐何もかもうまく行っている。順調です。
★caught up in ~‐~に巻き込まれる、熱中する、夢中になる
★what do you say‐意見や計画を話したあとに「(それについて)あなたはどう言いますか」と相手の意見を求めるとき
★per ~‐~通りに
★take in‐(映画などを)見に行く
★you know me too well‐私のことを嫌と言うほどわかってるね
★movie buff‐映画好き、映画ファン
★no can do‐「~が無理です(できない)」と断るとき
★count us in‐人数に入れる


登場人物:   K: ケン;  T: タカ;   F: フェリシティー


K: こんにちは、タカ! また会えてうれしいよ。
T: うん、ぼくもだよ。しばらくだね。
K: どうしたのかと思ってたんだ。何もかも順調?
T: 順調だよ。ただ先月は仕事に忙殺されていたんだ。
K: とにかく、戻ってきてくれてよかったよ。クラスの後ちょっと
T: 行きたいな…(話を止める) 悪いけどパスしないとダメみたい。
K: あーあ。それは気の毒だな。じゃあ、映画に行かない?
T: それはいいね。何か面白いのある?
K: トム・クルーズの映画がもうすぐ上映されるらしいよ。
T: トム・クルーズの映画?ぼくのことよくわかってるね。
K: うん。きみが映画好きだってことは知ってるよ。今週末はどう
T: 今週末?ごめん、行けないな。書類の処理をするのにオフィス


F: (ケンとタカが話しているのに気付く)二人とも、邪魔してごめ
K & T: いいよ。


F: 今日のレッスンを始める前に、今月行われるDCECの映画クラブ
K: (ケンとタカが顔を見合わせる) ポップコーンを食べるのと、ビ
F: (クスクス笑う) ええ、もちろん。 
T: (大きな笑顔を見せる)わかった、じゃあぼくたち参加するよ!


Vending Machines


In Japan, vending machines are everywhere.
These machines play a big part in everyone's life, be it a child or an adult.

Did you know that first known machine to accept a coin and to dispense something was first recorded in the first century?
According to Wiki, the first vending machine was made by Hero of Alexandria in the first century.
The machine accepted a coin and dispensed a fixed amount of Holy Water.

Nowadays, a lot more products are being dispensed by these machines across the globe.
Let's check them out.

Pizza (Italy)

nicole pizza

Suddenly had a craving for pizza in the middle of the night?

Gold (Dubai)

nicole gold

Scared of the fluctuating foreign exchange?
Why not invest in gold bars?

Eggs (Japan)

nicole eggs

Baking in the middle of the night and you suddenly ran out of eggs?
What would you do if are do not live near a 24 hour supermarket or a convenience store?

Bicycles (the Netherlands)

nicole bikes

Is the traffic that bad?
Hop on a bicycle for a greener travel and possibly faster as well.

Shoes (England)

nicole shoes

In the middle of a meeting/ conference and you broke your heel?
Limp your way to new shoes.



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Friends We Need


If you have a social network account, then it's more likely that you have hundreds of people in your friends list.
Are they true-blue (completely loyal to a friend or idea) friends? Acquaintances (someone you know but who is not a close friend)?

In a 10-year study in Adelaide, Australia, older people with close friendships tend to be live longer, healthier and happier.
According to Dr. Joan Borysenko, women often talk to a friend in times of difficulty.
I think we all know this is true.
Whenever something bad happens, most of us call the first person in our speed dial and more often than not it's one of our friends.

So here's a list of friends that we, women, should all have...

Childhood friend
nicole childhood

This is the friend who knew you when you were still wearing pigtails and braces.
She has shared all the ups and downs of growing up with you, thus, all the blackmail material between you two.

New friend
nicole new friend

Making your circle of friends bigger is always a good thing.
New friends spark new interests and ideas which could make you a more rounded person.
So, go an circulate!

Workout buddy
nicole workout

She takes no for an answer and she drags you out of the house to exercise.
She constantly reminds you to stick to a healthier habit which you will be grateful for in the future.

Spiritual friend
nicole spiritual

Having people who are well-grounded and know their purpose in life are good friends to have.
They indirectly (or sometimes directly) guide you through so that your life would be more meaningful and focused.

Younger friend
nicole young

Most of us crave the feeling of beign useful.
Having younger friends feeds this craving of mentoring other people.
The plus side is you also feel better when you're surrounded with your energy.
A refreshing change from the daily grind you live.

Your Mom
nicole MandD

The most influential woman in your life and has steadily provided you with support and unconditional love is your own precious mother.
Having a close relationship with her surely makes your world a better place.

So, let us cherish all those friendships and bonds we have formed through our life.
Each one has had an impact on who and what we are today.
Cheers to our wonderful friends!

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使える英会話表現がいっぱい。今週はTreのクラスから "Cycle Tree"



pros and cons-良い点と悪い点、賛否両論
meticulously parked-きちんと整理されて駐車されている
nick of time-ぎりぎり間に合って
humbly speaking-謙虚に話す
I can't agree more.-大賛成です。その通りです。

K: Kazu T: Tre

During the lesson discussion…

T: Kaz, can you give an example of an innovative product manufactured by your company?
K: Hmmm… Let me see. (Few seconds later…) I got one in mind.
T: (Excited) I'm pretty sure that is a mesmerizing innovation!
K: Not really, have you heard the “Cycle Tree”?
T: You mean the “life cycle of a tree”?
K: Nope, it has nothing to do with biology or botany of a tree. It is about a mechanical engineering marvel!
T: (Scratching his head…) I am a bit puzzled…
K: Cycle tree is a type of bicycle parking system installed in Kasai, Hirai and other train stations.
Our company also dubbed it as a multi-level mechanical bicycle parking system. In reality, the bicycles are meticulously parked in a tree branch-like fashion.
T: Would it not be hard to park a bicycle if I needed to lift it in the branch? I have an 18- kilogram bicycle.
K: Oops! I'm sorry; I forgot to mention that it is fully automated. A robotic arm parks the bicycle.
T: Wow, that's pretty amazing. What are the pros and cons of this system?
K: It eliminates the use of large and open parking spaces.
Hundreds to thousands of bicycles are housed in secured and safe underground storage spaces. You can also rely on its efficiency. Less manpower is needed to park bicycles in a speedy manner.
T: Speedy…does it mean that you can park and retrieve your bicycle in seconds?
K: Yeah, because it relies on the IC tag system. Each registered bicycle is attached with an IC on its fork which can be read within 5 seconds at the entry point of the parking gate.
T: …that is like an instantaneous parking! It would be helpful when I am at the nick of time catching the train schedules…but what about the process of retrieving the bicycle?
K: All you have to do is to swipe the provided magnetic card in the reader and wait for approximately 35 seconds!
T: I am impressed with its efficient retrieval system considering the number of parked bicycles. What about its drawbacks?
K: (Smiling) Installation of the system comes with a high tag price and it needs a continuous electric power.
T: I'm totally convinced that the Cycle Tree is innovative for both by its name and functionality!
K: Humbly speaking, it received the Excellent Product Award of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2007.
T: No doubt, that award is worth the enormous efforts and dedication of your engineers and designers in creating Cycle Tree.
K: I can't agree more.


★in mind-思いつくことがある、頭にある
★mesmerizing innovation-魅力的な革新
★life cycle-ライフサイクル、生涯過程
★You got me wrong-あなたは私の言うことを誤解しています。
★mechanical engineering-機械工学
★be dubbed-~と呼ばれている、~と異名をとる
★meticulously parked-きちんと整理されて駐車されている
★tree branch-like fashion-木の枝のような状態
★fully automated-完全なオートマティック、完全自動
★pros and cons-良い点と悪い点、賛否両論
★housed in secured and safe -警備が整った安全な状態で収容される
★underground storage spaces-地下の収納スペース
★IC tag system (IC = integrated circuit)-無線IDチップ・IDメモリーに通信制御回路を組み込み、外部からデータの読み書きができる電子荷札
★entry point-入口
★nick of time-ぎりぎり間に合って
★magnetic card-磁気カード
★high tag price-高価格
★humbly speaking-謙虚に話す
★I can't agree more.-大賛成です。その通りです。


登場人物  K: カズ T: トレ


T: カズ、きみの会社で製造している画期的な製品の例を一つ
K: ん…そうだな。(数秒後) 一つあるよ。
T: (興奮して) それは絶対に魅力的な革新なんだと思うよ!
K: そうでもないけど、「サイクル・ツリー」って聞いたことあ
T: それは「木のライフサイクル」のことかな?
K: ちがう、木の生能や植物学とはまったく関係ないよ。機械工
T: (頭をかきながら…) ちょっとわからないな…
K: サイクル・ツリーは葛西駅、平井駅とその他の駅で導入され
T: その枝の上の方に自転車を持ち上げるのって難しくないの?
K: ああ! ごめん。それは完全自動だってこと言うの忘れてた。
T: うわ、それはかなり驚きだね。そのシステムの良い点と悪い
K: それは余分な駐輪場のスペースをなくすことができるんだ。
T: 速くか…それって数秒で自転車を駐車したり回収したりでき
K: うん、電子タグシステムでね。それぞれ登録された自転車は
T: …それは瞬間パーキングみたいだね!電車の時間ぎりぎりの
K: もらった磁気カードをカードリーダーに通して、35秒ほど待
T: 駐車されている自転車の台数を考えると、その効率の良いシ
K: (笑顔で) このシステムの導入は高額でかなりの電力が必要
T: サイクル・ツリーの名前と機能性からして画期的なのは間違
K: 謙虚に言わせてもらうと、この製品は2007年に日本機械技術
T: だろうね、その賞はサイクル・ツリーを創った技術者とデザ
K: その通りなんだ。


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Let's Fly


How many times have you flown?
Do you still listen to the usual (dull) cabin crew's safety demonstration?
The demonstration is something that everyone should know however I hope the delivery is something more upbeat and interesting.

Take for example this viral video posted in YouTube a few days ago about a certain airline.
This airline is taking safety demonstration to a whole new level.

Source: http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/videogaga/59148/coffee-teaor-gaga-flight-attendants-safety-dance-to-pop-hits/


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