DCECのメルマガダイアログ "Water Fight"


Characters: Mason: M, Umi: U

Mason swings into the office on his day off. 
He is dressed in shorts and is carrying a large water gun.

U: Hey Mason, fancy seeing you here. 
   What's with the water gun?
M: You know how I've been complaining about the heat? 
   Well, I've found a solution.
U: I see. So you're going to a water fight? 
   I guess that's smart.
M: Something like that. It's going to be a lot of fun. 
   I got soaked last time.
U: So you've done this before? How often?
M: Just once, but I had a blast. 
   Last weekend a bunch of us met up at Yoyogi park and 
   tried to keep cool.
U: Really? Last weekend? 
   But wasn't there a thunderstorm in Tokyo?
M: Yeah. How else do you think I got so wet?
U: Uh, hello? I would've thought the water guns had 
   something to do with it.
M: What, this thing? No, we don't use these to shoot 
   each other.
U: Then what are they for?
M: (shoots himself in the mouth) They're filled with 
   vodka and OJ.


★swing into-- - (少しの間)?に立ち寄る
★fancy - 気まぐれの、風変わりな、奇遇の
★solution - 解決、解決法、解決策
★soaked -(雨などで)ずぶぬれの、びしょびしょで
★a blast - 楽しい経験(時間)
★bunch -(a?)たくさんの、かなりの数の、大勢の
★thunderstorm - 激しい雷雨、雷をともなう豪雨
★shoot - 射撃する、撃つ
★OJ - = orange juice オレンジジュース

●Comprehension Questions:

What does Umi think Mason will do?
1. Complain about the heat.
2. Have a water fight.
3. Find a solution.

What did Mason do last weekend?
1. He met up with people at Yoyogi park.
2. Hide from the thunderstorm.
3. Complain about the heat.

How did Mason get so wet last weekend?
1. He was in a thunderstorm.
2. He was in a water fight.
3. He sweated too much.


登場人物: M - メイソン U - ウミ


U: あらメイソン、こんなところで会うなんて奇遇じゃない。
M: この暑さにどれだけ不満があるかわかるでしょ。
U: なるほど。で、水鉄砲合戦でも始めるの?賢いわね。
M: まあ、そんなところ。楽しくなりそうだよ。
U: 前にもやったことあるの?どのくらいの頻度で?
M: 一回だけど楽しかったよ。
U: 本当に?先週?でも東京は凄い雷雨じゃなかった?
M: ああ。そうじゃなきゃどうしてずぶぬれになったと思ったの?
U: え、ちょっと?てっきり水鉄砲で何かしたのかと思ったわ。
M: 何、これで?いや、撃ち合う為になんて使ったりなんてしないよ。
U: じゃ、それは何のため?
M: (自分の口の中に撃つ)ウォッカとオレンジジュースでいっぱいの