自然な英会話表現が学べるDCECのクラスダイアログ "Looking on the bright side"


■"Looking on the bright side"


bear the burden‐苦労に耐える
turn out‐結果的にそうなる
look on the bright side‐いい方向に物事を考える
loosen up‐くつろぐ、打ち解ける
raise the roof‐大騒ぎする
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed‐目が輝いて嬉しそうな

E: Euneece     H: Hiro

On a Monday morning, in her company lesson...

K:  (entering the room in a hurry) I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Euneece.
E:  No worries.  Where's everyone else?
K:  Actually, they're all on leave.  As you know,
    tomorrow is a national holiday so they took the day off to have a longer break.
E:  Oh, but that's good. Everyone deserves a relaxing time. I thought they boycotted our lesson, being a Recall & Practice.
H:  Hahaha! Of course not!
E:  What about you? Why are you here? I mean...
H:  I was in a dilemma whether to come to work today or not. I chose to come.
E:  Such a dedicated businessman.
H:  No. I just thought I could work on some backlog and prepare for my sales presentation at the end of the week.
E:  Good decision!
H:  To be honest, I kind of regret it now because with everyone absent, I turned out to be a one-man team.
    I had to bear the burden of addressing customer complaints which came endlessly this morning.  I'm beat!
E:  Poor you!
H:  And I haven't done anything which I intended to do
    (saying in a frustrated tone)
E:  So your day didn't turn out to be as planned.
H:  You could say that.  I received one phone call after another.
E:  Well, as they say, "When it rains, it pours."  I'm sure you could handle things singlehandedly.
H:  Thanks for believing in me.  I wish I had your optimism.
E:  Anyway, looking on the bright side, at least you could have the lesson to yourself.
H:  (loosening up a  bit) Hmmm... (teasing) I'm not sure if that's a plus or...
E:  Of course it is!   And don't worry, I prepared an interactive game for our free style lesson.
H:  Similar to what we had last time?  It was so much fun that we raised the roof.
E:  Much better.
H:  (looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed)  All right.
    Let's get on with it then.  I'm ready!
E:  That's the spirit!


★on leave‐休み
★one-man team‐たった一人の
★bear the burden‐苦労に耐える
★customer complaints‐顧客からの苦情
★turn out‐結果的にそうなる
★look on the bright side‐いい方向に物事を考える
★loosen up‐くつろぐ、打ち解ける
★raise the roof‐大騒ぎする
★bright-eyed and bushy-tailed‐目が輝いて嬉しそうな


登場人物  E: ユニース     H: ヒロ


K:  (急ぎ足で部屋に入る) 待たせてごめんね、ユニース。
E:  大丈夫よ。他の人たちはどこ?
K:  実は、みんな休みだよ。知っている通り、明日は祝日だから、今日は休んで長い休日を取ることにしたんだね。
E:  ああ、でもそれはいいわね。リラックスする時間も必要だし。
H:  ははは!違うよ!
E:  あなたは?どうしてここにいるの?と言うか…
H:  今日仕事に来るか来ないか、葛藤したんだけどね。来ることにした。
E:  ずいぶん仕事に熱心なのね。
H:  いいや。残っている仕事の処理をして、今週の最後に控えているセールスのプレゼンの準備をしようと思って。
E:  よい選択!
H:  本当を言うと、みんなが休んでいるのを見た今ではちょっと後悔してて、結局たった一人になってしまったよ。今朝から止めどなく受けていた顧客のクレーム処理に追われてたよ。
E:  かわいそう!
H:  やろう思っていたことが結局できなかったんだ。(イライラした声で言う)
E:  結局、計画した通りには行かなかったのね。
H:  そうなんだ。次から次へ電話がかかってきてね。
E:  ん、よく言うじゃない、「忙しくなると、極端に忙しくなる」って。あなたなら人の手を借りずに何でもできたはずよ。
H:  信じてくれてありがとう。そんな風に楽観的に考えられたらな。
E:  とにかく、いいように考えましょう、何はともあれ一人だけでレッスンが受けられるのよ。
H:  (少し方の力を抜く) う…(からかうように) それが果たしていいのかどうか…
E:  もちろん、いいじゃない!それに心配しないで、フリーレッスンの為に楽しいゲームを用意してるから。
H:  前にやったような感じ?あれは面白すぎて大騒ぎしたよ。
E:  もっと楽しいわ。
H:  (やる気いっぱいに目をキラキラさせる) わかった。じゃあ始めようよ! 用意はできてるよ!
E:  そうこなくっちゃ!



使える英会話表現が満載。DCECメルマガダイアログ。"Smooth as silk"



be pooped out‐へとへとになる
crash out‐倒れ込む、寝入る
channel surfing‐テレビのチャンネルを次々と変えること
household name‐どこの家庭でもおなじみの名前
household chores‐家事
child rearing‐育児
on cue‐いいタイミングで
smooth as silk‐巧みな、とてもなめらかに、途切れなく

"Smooth as silk"

Characters:  N - Nicole    A - Aki      C - Chi    Ai - Aiko

Nicole was just starting her class...

N:  Hi guys!  Anything interesting you would like to share today?
A:  (lamented his disappointment) I was on a business trip so I wasn't able to take my kids somewhere nice.
C:  Aww!  (sympathizing with her classmate)
A:  I know!  I was hoping I could come back earlier but the meeting was extended so I had no choice.
Ai: Well, I am sure your family understood your predicament.  
    It's not like you do this every weekend, right?
N:  True! I think Aki is one of those rare breed of men who pitches in at home.
C:  Oh, that reminds me, did you guys see the CNN feature on Japan last night?  They mentioned Rakuten, some "Papa School" in Japan and Hello Kitty .
A:  (shook his head) Sorry, I was so pooped out last night that I just crashed out.
Ai: Argh!  I think I missed that. What time was it on?
C:  Around tenish.  Actually, I just read Nicole's tweet about it. Right, Nicole?
N:  Ha ha!  So you are following us on Twitter.
C:  Of course!  It's a treasure trove of information.  
N:  I was channel surfing when I saw the program and instantly tweeted about it.
Ai: So, what was the Rakuten segment about?
N:  They showed the CEO, having a meeting with his staff, the company's cafeteria and LCD displays in the company.
A:  What's so great about that?  
C:  (smiled coyly) Well, those ordinary things became unique because everything was done in English!
Ai: Really?!  Interesting.
C:  Mr. Mikitani said his goal is to be a household name in 10 years. In order for them to do that, they have to be a global company, thus the need for English.
N:  Very good, Chi! (happy that Chi could remember the details of the feature)
A:  English in the cafeteria?  (looked perplexed)
N:  Yeah, all dishes on the menu were written in English.
   Plus, the displays were showing useful English expressions, similar to one-minute English lessons.
Ai: You should go there, Nicole.  You don't have to point at the pictures or do gestures when you order. 
  (teased Nicole)
Everybody laughed their hearts out.

A:  (sounded very curious)  What about the "Papa School"?
C:  Apparently, some men are now beginning to share responsibilities at home, like household chores and child rearing. They featured a guy who decided to work as a freelancer in order to be able to help out at home and at the same time, he teaches in the "Papa School."
N:  (seeing the question mark on Aiko's face)  It's a school dedicated to help men understand fatherhood and teach them how to balance work and life.
Ai: I see.  Aki doesn't need to attend those lessons.  
  He is doing a swell job in that area.
N:  Of course!  (everybody applauded)
A:  C'mon... (blushed profusely)
N:  (on cue) Since we are already talking about work and life balance...May I use this moment to ask you now to open your book to page one hundred and sixty-four?
The learners laughed at the way Nicole segued.

C:  Nice introduction, Nicole! 
A:  Yeah... very smooth transition.
Ai: Ha ha ha!  Smooth as silk.

It was Nicole's turn to blush.


★had no choice‐どうすることも出来なかった
★rare breed‐希少な部類、めずらしい
★pitch in‐協力する
★Oh, that reminds me‐あ、それで思い出した
★feature on ~‐~について特集する
★be pooped out‐へとへとになる
★crash out‐倒れ込む、寝入る
★follow us on Twitter‐Twitterで私たちをフォローする
★treasure trove‐宝の山
★channel surfing‐テレビのチャンネルを次々と変えること
★household name‐どこの家庭でもおなじみの名前
★in order‐そのために
★similar to ~‐~に似ている
★point at ~‐~を指す
★household chores‐家事
★child rearing‐育児
★question mark on~‐~にはてなマーク
★dedicated to ~‐~のために
★on cue‐いいタイミングで
★smooth as silk‐巧みな、とてもなめらかに、途切れなく


登場人物:  N - ニコル    A - アキ     C - チィ    Ai - アイコ


N:  こんにちは、みんな! 何かおもしろい話はある?
A:  (後悔に悲しむ) 出張で子供たちをどこへも連れて行ってあげられなかったんだ。
C:  あらあら!(クラスメートを同情する)
A:  そうなんだ!もう少し早く戻れることを願ってたけど、会議が長引いてどうしようもなかったんだよね。
Ai: でも、家族はあなたの苦境をわかっていると思うわ。毎週末のことではないんでしょ?
N:  そうよ!アキのように家のことを考えて協力をする男性はめずらしいと思うわよ。
C:  あ、それで思い出した、昨日の夜CNNが日本について取り上げていたのを見た? 楽天についてと日本の"パパ学校" 、ハローキティーについてだったわ。
A:  (首を横に振る) ごめん、昨晩はヘトヘトで寝入ってしまった。
Ai: もー! 見逃したみたい。何時にやってたの?
C:  10時くらいだった。実は、ニコルのつぶやきを読んだの。そうよね、ニコル?
N:  ハハ! あなたDCECのtwitterアカウントをフォローしてくれているのね。
C:  もちろん!あれは情報の宝の山だもの。
N:  テレビのチャンネルをどんどん変えてたらその番組に遭遇したから、すぐにTwitterでつぶやいたの。
Ai: で、楽天の部分の内容は何だったの?
N:  CEOがスタッフと会議をしているところ、社内カフェテリアと液晶ディスプレーを紹介してくれたわ。
A:  それの何がすごかったの?
C:  (遠慮がちにほほ笑む) つまり、全部が英語で行われていたから、何でもないことでも特別に見えたの。
Ai: ほんと?!おもしろいね。
C:  三木谷社長の目標は10年以内に有名になることなんだって。
N:  すばらしいわ、チィ!(チィが内容を細かく覚えていたことに嬉しくなった)
A:  カフェテリアで英語?(当惑した様子)
N:  ええ、メニューは全部 英語で書かれているのよ。 それに、画面に1分間イングリッシュレッスンのように使える英語のフレーズが書いてあるのよ。
Ai: 行ってみるべきよ、ニコル。写真を指したり、身振り手振りで話すことないのよ。(ニコルをからかう)

A:  (興味津々の様子) 「パパ学校」は?
C:  どうやら最近は男性が家事や育児、家のいろいろな仕事を手伝うようになってきているらしいの。家の手伝いをするためにフリーランスで働いて、同時に「パパ学校」で教えている男性を取り上げていたわ。
N:  (アイコの当惑した顔を見て) その学校は、父親としての責任や、仕事と家庭のバランスのとり方を教えるためにあるのよ。
Ai: そうなんだ。アキはそのレッスンに参加しなくていいわね。
N:  そうよ!  (みんなが手を叩く)
A:  やめてよ…(過度に赤くなる)
N:  (いいタイミングで) ちょうど仕事と家庭の両立について話しているので…この機会にページ164を開いてもらえますか?

C:  すばらしい紹介の仕方だね、ニコル!
A:  うん…とてもスムーズな移行。
Ai: ハハハ!巧みにね。





A Royal Engagement


They have come a long way....from college sweethearts and now they are engaged.
The announcement was made yesterday that second in line to the throne, Prince William, is engaged to Katie Middleton.
Apparently, he proposed when they were in Kenya last month.

Right after the announcement was made, the Internet was buzzing like bees.
Most people learned about it SNS such as Twitter; Prince William was trending yesterday in this microblog service site.
(I saw it in CNN's Breaking News.)
A lot of people has uploaded videos in YouTube to congratulate the couple.

The wedding is set for Spring/ Summer next year in London.
Would this be the wedding of the year?
A fairytale wedding appropriate for a royal couple?
Let's wait and see.



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Rakuten CEO: English the answer


What's the buzz in Japan's business world?  It's survival!
In a country where the population is shrinking and the economy has remained stagnant for the last two decades, what should a company do in order to survive?
Rakuten's CEO, Mr. Hiroshi Mikitani, says "Englishization" is the answer.

According to Mr. Mikitani, one of the richest men in Japan (based on Forbes list), the only way for a company to grow in Japan is to go outside Japan.  Globalization is the key.  Thus, proficiency in English is essential since it is the global business language.

His goal?  Make Rakuten a household name in ten years.
What do you think?

Check out the clip from Reuters.

the buzz - unofficial news or information that is spread by people telling each other
survival - state of continuing to live or exist
stagnant - not changing, developing, or making progress = inactive
globalization - the process of making something such as a business international, or the result of this
key - very important and necessary for success
proficiency - a high standard of ability and skill
essential - important and necessary
household name - to be very well known



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DCEC Monster Bash 2010


What do you get when you mix crazy costumes, Halloween, games, scary stories, yummy food, cool drinks and of course English in one week ?  You get a week-long Halloween bash!
That is what our learners got from October 25 ~ to October 31.

Check out the wild pictures during DCEC's Monster Bash!  See how fun it was.
Make sure you don't miss our upcoming activities.
Only at Dela Cruz English Club.

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DCEC November Activity: Children's Day


nicole children's day

Join us again this November as we celebrate Children’s Day in India. People say that the children are our future. Don’t you think so, too? Even Whitney Houston agrees, in her song “The Greatest Love of All.”

“ I believe that children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be…”

So, if you want to know more about this event, make sure not to miss your class on November 14~20 and be ready to share fond memories of your childhood. You can bring your baby pictures too!

Children’s Day in India is celebrated on 14th of November every year, the date that marks the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The reason why his birthday has been chosen is because of his love and passion for children. Pandit Nehru, who was called “Chacha Nehru” by children, was known for lifelong passion and work for the welfare, education and development of children and young people.
インドの子供の日は毎年インドの初代総理大臣、パンデット・ジャワハルラル・ネール、の誕生日である 11月14日に行われます。なぜ彼の誕生日が選ばれたかは、彼の子供たちへの愛と情熱にありました。子供たちに「チャチャ・ネール」と呼ばれていたパンデット・ネールは子供や青年の福祉、育成のために生涯を捧げました。

On the other hand, November 20 is Universal Children’s Day.  Children's day was first celebrated worldwide in October, 1953, under the sponsorship of International Union for Child Welfare, Geneva.



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Three years and counting


November 13, 2007 is a special day for me.
It marks the day that I came to Japan for the third time.
And now, I am celebrating my third anniversary.
Cool, right?

nicole 3 years

A lot of people have asked me one common question after hearing my past Japan trips.
It's always "What do you like about Japan?"
A fairly appropriate question since I have been in and out of the country three times despite the language barrier.

Among the words I can use to describe living in Japan, the term "convenient" would be one to top that list.
Why?  I have traveled to other countries before but this is the only country where almost everything is just within your reach.

nicole within reach

The fact that you can almost buy anything (even eggs) from the mushrooming convenience stores in all parts of the country, both in urban and rural areas, makes it very livable.  The presence of those sturdy vending machines spewing out different kinds of products from hot drinks to instant noodles, ensures hunger-free days (as long as you have some cash with you).  The very functional train passes which one can use both to buy tickets and buy snacks for your domestic trips are lifesavers.

I could go on and on about how convenient it is to live here.  It might probably take a year to be finished and it's already my 4th year.  So, I will stop here.

I am looking forward to new challenges and more fruitful years.

nicole new challenge


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使える英会話表現がいっぱい。DCECメルマガダイアログ。"Actions speak louder than words"



★take a deep breath‐大きな深呼吸をする
★give somebody some slack‐誰かに息抜きをさせてあげる、誰かに理解を示す、余裕を与える
★layman's term‐一般的にわかりやすい、噛み砕いた
★stumbled across‐遭遇する、偶然会う[見つける]
★shy away‐避ける、尻込みをする 
★cupping one's chin with two hands‐頬づえをつく
★scribble on paper‐紙に落書きする
★upset stomach‐胃が痛む、胃の調子が悪い

E: Emery    T: Tomo    H: Haruna

 Emery is elated to see her two learners in the

E: Tomo, long time no see. How was the business presentation last week?

Tomo took a deep breath before speaking.

T: I don't think I did well in the presentation.
H: Give yourself some slack. It was your first time to present right?
E: Tell us what happened if you don't mind me asking.
T: How should I say it? I felt like our business partners did not get the message of my presentation.
   My boss said maybe I used a lot of technical words and I overloaded the slides with information.
H: I am slowly seeing the whole picture now.
E: Sometimes using layman's terms are more favored than technical words.
H: Agree. I stumbled across an article saying that the simpler the words, the better.
E: Yeah, you should shy away from using highfalutin words.
T: I will bear that in mind for my next presentation.
   Thanks Emery and Haruna.
H: I am curious about the reaction of your business partners, Tomo.
T: Well, they nodded at times but I could sometimes see their faces looked blank and puzzled.
E: Paying attention to the non-verbal gestures is also important. They say actions speak louder than words.
   For example, cupping one's chin with two hands could mean boredom.
H: Also scribbling something on paper or playing the pen with your fingers.

Tomo folds his arms a little below the front of his chest.
Haruna looks at Tomo.

H: Tomo, do you know that your gesture could also mean boredom? Emery looks at Tomo with a questioning face.
T: Oh no, no. To tell you the truth, I have an upset stomach since morning.

 The two ladies nodded at each other, for they know that Tomo had a few hangovers before.

★take a deep breath‐大きな深呼吸をする
★give somebody some slack‐誰かに息抜きをさせてあげる、
★technical words‐専門用語
★seeing the whole picture‐全体が見える
★layman's term‐一般的にわかりやすい、噛み砕いた
★stumbled across‐遭遇する、偶然会う[見つける]
★shy away‐避ける、尻込みをする
★non-verbal gestures‐非言語的ジェスチャー
★cupping one's chin with two hands‐頬づえをつく
★scribble on paper‐紙に落書きする
★upset stomach‐胃が痛む、胃の調子が悪い


登場人物:  E: エメリー    T: トモ    H: ハルナ


E: トモ、ずいぶんご無沙汰だったわね。先週の仕事でのプレゼンはどうだった?


T: あまりうまく行かなかったと思う。
H: 少しは自分に余裕を与えてあげなさい。あなたにとって初めての発表の場だったんでしょ?
E: 何があったかよかったら話してくれない?
T: どう説明すればいいんだろう。ぼくの言いたかったことが取引先の会社に伝わっていないみたいなんだ。上司が言うには、多くの専門用語を使ったのと、話す情報が多すぎたのが原因かもしれないって。
H: 徐々に全体が見えてきたわ。
E: 専門用語を使うより、素人にでもわかりやすい言葉を使う方が望まれることはあるわね。
H: そうね。言葉がシンプルであればあるほどいいと書いた記事を見たことがあるのよね。
E: うん、物々しい大げさな言葉を使うのは避けた方がいいかもね。
T: 次回のプレゼンのためにそれをしっかり覚えておくよ。ありがとう、エメリーとハルナ。
H: その取引先の会社の反応に興味があるんだけど、トモ。
T: そうだな、時々うなづいてはくれたんだけど、たまに無表情だったり、混乱した表情を見せてたかな。
E: 非言語的ジェスチャーや表情に注意するのも大切よね。言葉より行動を見よって言うもんね。例えば、頬づえをつくと退屈しているかもしれないってことだしね。
H: 紙に何か落書きしているとか、指でペンを回して遊んでいたりするのもね。


H: トモ、あなたのそのジェスチャーも退屈さを表すのを知ってた?


T: あ、違う、違うよ。本当のことを言うと、今朝から胃の調子が悪いんだよね。




Word Play


Words are very powerful tools to express ideas and opinions.
Businesses worldwide have used words to promote their products and services.
Playing with words usually makes clients remember the company easier.
Tall about easy recall in advertisements.
Remember these catchy slogans? The answers are at the bottom of this post.

1.  Just do it!
2.  Impossible is Nothing
3.  The Power of Dreams
4.  It's the real thing.
5.  Connecting people.
6.  I'm lovin' it!
7.  Diamonds are forever.

Next, see how words can be manipulated to bring out funny names for products.
Check out some funny beer names that I am sure you will not forget easily.
Just keep in mind that all products are just your usual beer.

1.  Buttface Amber Ale
Why is it funny?  Well, just imagine a crowded bar and you will ask the bartender to give you one.
Would you like to shout "I'll have a Buttface" the entire night?
butt - the part of your body that you sit on

nicole china buttface

2.  Santa's Butt
Everyone likes Santa in winter, right?  But not this part of his anatomy, I am sure.
anatomy - somebody's body

nicole santa butt

3. Moose Drool
Sounds yucky!
drool - flow of saliva

nicole moose drool

4.  Polygamy Porter
The slogan says "Why have just one?"  Hmm... for beer, I agree.  For other things, I am not so sure about that.
polygamy - having more than one wife or husband at the same time

nicole polygamy porter

5.  Blithering Idiot
This is exactly what happens to some who just had one too many...
blithering idiot - an insulting word for someone who behaves in a stupid way

nicole blithering idiot

Was that funny?  Or was that funny?

1.  Nike    2.  Adidas    3.  Honda Cars      4.  Coca Cola        5.  Nokia    
6.  McDonald's    7.  DeBeers



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Trick or Treat


Characters: F: Felicity; N: Nicole; J: Jun; M: Mayu;
            Y: Yuko

During the Halloween Party...

F: Hello, everyone! We'd like to welcome you all to
   the DCEC MonsterBash 2010. (applause)
N: Tonight, we have prepared a two-hour activity for
   all of you. We have games in store for everyone.
   We also prepared some snacks and drinks that you
   can munch on while chatting with other learners.
F: To start off, let's play a word game. It's called
   Halloween Trick or Treat.
J: Sounds exciting!
M: Uhm.. Felicity, what does Trick or Treat mean?
F: In the U.S., if children go trick-or-treating,
   they dress in costumes and go from house to house
   on Halloween saying "trick or treat" in order to
   get candy.
N: But for tonight, we will play a word game instead.
We will give you hints and you have figure out the
   hidden word by mixing up the letters in the phrase
  “TRICK or TREAT.” Is that clear?
Y: (sounding confident) Crystal.
F: First clue, this word is a birthday food. (everyone
   hurries to form a word)
J: (raising his hand) I think I got it (forming the
   word C-A-K-E).
F: You got it right, Jun. First point goes to you.
N: Good job, Jun. Let's move on to the next word. This
   is an animal that looks like a large mouse with a
   long tail.

After a brief silence...

M: (shouts) Got it! Got it! Is it a C-A-T?
F: Oops... sorry, Mayu. A cat is usually kept as a pet
   for catching mice but it definitely doesn't look
   like a mouse.
N: C'mon, guys. You still have a chance. Remember, it
   looks like a large mouse.
Y: Oh...Oh! I think, I know it. Uhm... (can't seem to
   find the right word)
F: Yes, Yuko? You got this.
Y: Uhm... It's on the tip of my tongue.
F: Oops... sorry guys, time's up. The answer is R-A-T.
M & Y: Ah, yes.
J: Oh, darn. I knew it!
N: No worries, we still have more words for you.
F: All set?
All learners: Certainly!


★trick or treat‐「お菓子をくれなきゃ悪いことをするよ」
は子どもたちにお菓子をあげてHappy Halloween!と
★in store‐用意して、待ち構えて
★munch on ~‐~をむしゃむしゃ食べる
★start off‐始める
★got it‐正解した、わかった
★on the tip of my tongue‐のどまででかかっている、
★time's up‐タイムアップ(時間切れ)
★no worries‐心配無用
★all set‐準備ができている

■「トリック オア トリート」

登場人物:  F: フェリシティ; N: ニコル; J: ジュン;
M: マユ; Y: ユウコ


F: こんにちは、みんな!みなさん、ようこそDCECモンスター
N: 今夜はみなさんに2時間分のアクティビティーを準備しま
F: 最初は単語ゲームをしましょう。ハロウィンのトリック
オア トリートと言うゲームです。
J: おもしろそう!
M: ん…フェリシティ、トリック オア トリートってどういう
F: アメリカでは、子どもたちがお菓子をもらうためにコスチ
ュームを着て、家から家を渡ってトリック オア トリート
N: でも今晩は、その代わりに単語ゲームをします。私たちが
「トリック オア トリート」に含まれているアルファベット
Y: (自信あり気に) 完璧。
F: 最初のヒント、これは誕生日の食べ物です。(単語作りを急
J: (手を上げる) わかったと思う。 (単語C-A-K-Eを作りながら。
F: 正解、ジュン。最初のポイントはあなたに入ったわ。(拍手)
N: すごいね、ジュン。次の単語に行きましょう。これは動物で


M: (大声で) わかった!わかった!それはC-A-T?
F: あ、残念、マユ。ネズミを捕まえるために猫はペットとして
N: 言ってみんな。まだチャンスはあるわ。忘れないで、それは
Y: え…あ!わかったと思う。ええっと…(正しい単語が出てこ
F: がんばって、ユウコ? わかったでしょ。
Y: ん…答えはもうそこまで出てるんだけど。
F: おっと…ごめん、みんな、タイムアップです。答えはR-A-T。
M & Y: あぁ、そうか。
J: お、しまった。知ってたのに。
N: 心配しないで、まだまだ単語はあるからね。
F: 準備はいい?
ラーナー全員: もちろん!


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Under Your Nose


When we are asked to focus on something, we usually tend to just think, look and understand about that particular topic.  Nothing else.  By doing so, we have the tendency to overlook some important things.  We miss what is already right under our noses.

Here is a video that can demonstrate what I'm trying to say.  Listen to the instructions; make sure you follow what the guy tells you to do.  Ready?

under someone's (very) nose - right in front of someone or in someone's presence



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Halloween Around The World


Still have a hangover from your Halloween party?
Hopefully you don't have any trace of make-up on anymore.

In our experience, we had difficulty removing the heavy eye make-up we wore during the Witch and Zombie days.
Thank goodness for wipes and of course creams!

Let's go around the world and see how other countries celebrated it.

In China, they celebrate the Ghost Festival or Hungry Ghost Festival on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month.
Activities such as preparing ritualistic food offerings, burning incense and burning joss paper are done throughout the country.
Meals (mostly vegetarian dishes) are served on the table with the empty seats for each of the dearly departed.

nicole china halloween

Aside from dressing up and carving the usual pumpkin, a game called Apple Bobbing or Duck-apple is played by kids and adults.
The game is very simple.
Contestants need to take one bite from an apple.  Sounds easy?
Biting an apple is a pice of cake but not if it's placed in a tub filled with water and you cannot use your hands to grab it.

nicole england halloween

They have an old traditional custom that is similar to Halloween, the Martinstag or St. Martin's Day.
It is celebrated with costumes and lantern procession by kids.
This celebration is in honor of Martin who cut his red cloak to share with a beggar and who hid in a stable of filled with geese because he felt he didn't deserve to be a bishop.
Thus, preparing Martinsgans (baked goose) is a big part of the event.

nicole germany halloween

It has been said that the celebration of Halloween started with the Irish back in 100AD.
At that time, Halloween was a pagan festival called "Samhain" by the Celts.
Fast forward to present, some of the Irish Halloween traditions are still very much intact today.
These activities include pumpkin carving, doing Trick or treat (including games), bonfires and having the Barnbrack.
What is a Barnbrack?  It is a traditional Halloween cake which is a fruit bread with some things inside it like coin, ring, rag and thimble.
The cake is then sliced and distributed to each member of the family.
Each item signifies a different thing.
The rag means you'd be poor; the coin conveys the opposite.
The thimble means you'd never marry (which I think almost noone wants) and the ring, of course, is the happily-ever-after.

nicole ireland halloween

United States of America
We all know how that they really celebrate Halloween with a bang!
Take a look at how the city of Denver made this year's Halloween extra special.



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What Drives You


People have different reasons why we do certain things.
Some go for the glory while others are after the money.
There have been a lot of books published about what really motivates people.
Company managers have used the "Why" to make sure company employees do their best at the workplace.

Here is an eye-catching presentation about what spurs as to act.

motivation: the reason why you want to do something
glory: the importance, praise and honor that people give someone they admire
eye-catching:  something eye-catching is unusual or attractive in a way that makes you notice it



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