"Spontaneous Human Combustion"


■"Spontaneous Human Combustion"

Characters: M: Mason:,  F: Felicity

Felicity enters the office and sees Mason fanning himself.

F: What's up with you? Is it still hot outside?
M: A little, but it's even hotter in here.
F: What are you talking about? We have the AC on full blast.
M: (looks at thermostat) So we do.
F: (rolling her eyes) Okay fine, so we still have a few weeks 
  of broiling hot summer weather ahead of us. 
   You don't see anyone else in the office complaining, do you? 
   Get over it!
M: That's not the problem. 
   (gestures to a steaming plate of curry) This is.
F: Your lunch? What's wrong with it?
M: I figured it wasn't spicy enough, so I added some special 
   hot sauce I brought from the States. 
   It's really strong stuff. Here, take a whiff.
F: (sniffs the bottle and jerks back her head) My God! 
   It feels like my nose is going to melt off! 
   How on Earth can you eat this stuff?
M: I guess I have a cast iron stomach. 
   (Adds more sauce to curry) 
   Why are you staring at me like that?
F: I'm waiting to see if you spontaneously combust.


★spontaneous human combustion - 人体自然発火現象
★full blast - フル回転(稼動)で、パワー全開で
★thermostat - 温度自動調節器、サーモスタット
★broiling -(焼けるように)暑い
★gesture - 身ぶりをする、身ぶり手ぶりで話す(表す)
★whiff -(香りや匂いの)一嗅ぎ
★jerk - 急に動く、ぐいと引く
★cast iron - 頑強な、丈夫な

●Comprehension Questions:

What does Mason think of the weather outside?

1. It's a little hot.
2. It's broiling hot.
3. It's not hot enough.

What does Felicity think of Mason's complaining?

1. He should turn the AC on full blast.
2. He should get over it.
3. He should add some more hot sauce.

What is Felicity waiting to see?

1. If Mason's nose will melt off.
2. If Mason will spontaneously combust.
3. If Mason will stop complaining about the weather.


登場人物: M:メイソン F:フェリシティー


F: どうしたの? 外はまだ暑いの?
M: ちょっとね、でもここの方がもっと暑いよ。
F: 何を言ってるの? エアコン、フル回転してるじゃない。
M: (温度自動調節器を見て)ああ。
F: (あきれた表情をし)オーケーわかったわ、まだ焼けるように
    でしょ? 我慢しなさい!
M: それが問題じゃないんだ。
F: あなたのランチ?それがどうかしたの?
M: 十分辛くなかったから、アメリカから持ってきたスペシャル
F: (ボトルを嗅いで、サッと身を引く)何これ!
M: 丈夫な胃なんだろうね。(カレーにもっとソースを足す)
F: あなたが自然発火するかどうかをうかがっているのよ。