今週のメールマガジンダイアログ"Grammar Trouble"

■"Grammar Trouble"



Characters: H- Hanna T- Toru

It's Toru's first class today. After Hanna's introduction, 
Toru was asked to say something about himself.

T: I have a sister and a brother. 
   My sister tied the knot five years ago and she has 
   three sons now. My brother is still single. 
   He works for an insurance company.
H: Thank you very much for sharing something about your 
   siblings, Toru.
T: I really miss them. We don't see each other often. 
   Let me share more. My sister was pretty.  
   She looks like one of my favorite actresses.
H: She was? So you mean she's not pretty anymore. (grinning)
T: Oh no. That's not what I was trying to say. 
   (scratching his head)
H: You're talking about the past when you use 'was'. 
   It means in the past, she was pretty but not anymore.
T: Really? Sorry. I mean she is pretty. 
   (putting emphasis on the word 'is')
H: That's better! (smiling)
T: Good thing she's not here. She speaks English really well. 
   I'm sure she'll get mad. (whispering)
H: Now you know the importance of tenses.(grinning)


★tie the knot - 結婚する
★insurance - 保険
★siblings - きょうだい、兄弟姉妹
★actress - 女優
★tenses -【文法】時制


1.) When did Toru's sister get married?
a. five years ago
b. four years ago
c. just last year

2.) Where does his brother work?
a. for a bank
b. for an insurance company
c. for a restaurant

3.) Who looks like a celebrity?
a. Toru
b. Toru's sister
c. Toru's brother 


登場人物: H - ハンナ T - トオル


T: 僕には姉と妹がいます。姉は5年前に結婚して、今3人の息子
H: きょうだいについて話してくれてありがとう、トオル。
T: 二人に会えなくて寂しいよ。しょっちゅう会わないからね。
H: 綺麗だった?じゃあ、今は綺麗じゃないのね。(ニヤッと笑い)
T: え、違うよ。そういうつもりで言ったんじゃないんだけどな。
T: そうなんだ。ごめんなさい。彼女は綺麗だよ。
H: 良くなったわ!(ほほ笑み)
T: ここに姉がいなくてよかったよ。彼女本当に英語が上手なんだ。
H: これで時制の大切さがわかったわね。(にっこり笑い)


メルマガダイアログ"Blessing in Disguise"


■"Blessing in Disguise"

Characters: H- Hanna, R- Ryuu

Ryuu is showing Hanna some pictures taken in Okinawa last month.

H: Wow! (amazed) Great shots! 
   This one looks like it's from the Internet.
R: No, it's not. I took the picture. 
   (said it in a matter-of-fact way) You can see that there are 
   a lot of tourists taking pictures. 
   (pointing at the tourists in the picture)
H: I mean, it looks really nice. 
   It's like a professional photographer took the picture.
R: Thank you. We really enjoyed our trip. 
   My kids also took too much pictures. (smiling)
H: I'm glad you had fun. 
   Were you able to follow your original plan?
R: Almost. We weren't able to eat grilled eel because 
   it's very expensive! 
H: Really? At least, you were able to try something else 
   because of that.
R: You're right. Since grilled eel is very expensive, 
   we ordered a lot of pork strips. 
   It's a blessing in disguise! 
   However, my son had some problems.
H: What happened? (surprised)
R: He had a stomachache after eating too much pork strips!
   (scratching his head)
H: Oh no! Not a blessing in disguise, then.


★tourists - 観光旅行者(客)、ツーリスト
★professional - プロの、専門の
★grilled - グリルした、網焼きの、焼き網で焼いた
★blessing in disguise - 不幸に見えても結局は幸福となるもの、


1) Where did Ryuu and his family go?
a. Hokkaido
b. Okinawa
c. Saitama

2) Why didn't they eat grilled eel?
a. Because it was not available.
b. Because it was very expensive.
c. They forgot to buy grilled eel.

3) What did they eat instead of grilled eel?
a. They ate pork strips.
b. They ate salad.
c. They ate spaghetti.


登場人物: H - ハンナ R - リュウ


H: わあ!(驚き)素敵な写真!
R: 違うよ、僕が撮ったんだ。(淡々とした口調で言う)
H: 私が言いたいのは、本当に素敵な写真だってことよ。
R: ありがとう。旅行、本当に楽しかったよ。
H: 満喫したようでよかったわ。
R: ほとんどは。鰻の蒲焼は食べられなかったけどね、高すぎて!
H: そうなの?少なくとも、代わりに他のものを食べることが
R: ああ。鰻の蒲焼が高くつくから、薄切り豚肉をたくさん
H: どうしたの?(驚いて)
R: 豚肉を食べすぎてお腹を壊しちゃったんだ。(頭を掻き)
H: あらやだ!それじゃあ不幸中の幸いじゃないじゃない。


"Spontaneous Human Combustion"


■"Spontaneous Human Combustion"

Characters: M: Mason:,  F: Felicity

Felicity enters the office and sees Mason fanning himself.

F: What's up with you? Is it still hot outside?
M: A little, but it's even hotter in here.
F: What are you talking about? We have the AC on full blast.
M: (looks at thermostat) So we do.
F: (rolling her eyes) Okay fine, so we still have a few weeks 
  of broiling hot summer weather ahead of us. 
   You don't see anyone else in the office complaining, do you? 
   Get over it!
M: That's not the problem. 
   (gestures to a steaming plate of curry) This is.
F: Your lunch? What's wrong with it?
M: I figured it wasn't spicy enough, so I added some special 
   hot sauce I brought from the States. 
   It's really strong stuff. Here, take a whiff.
F: (sniffs the bottle and jerks back her head) My God! 
   It feels like my nose is going to melt off! 
   How on Earth can you eat this stuff?
M: I guess I have a cast iron stomach. 
   (Adds more sauce to curry) 
   Why are you staring at me like that?
F: I'm waiting to see if you spontaneously combust.


★spontaneous human combustion - 人体自然発火現象
★full blast - フル回転(稼動)で、パワー全開で
★thermostat - 温度自動調節器、サーモスタット
★broiling -(焼けるように)暑い
★gesture - 身ぶりをする、身ぶり手ぶりで話す(表す)
★whiff -(香りや匂いの)一嗅ぎ
★jerk - 急に動く、ぐいと引く
★cast iron - 頑強な、丈夫な

●Comprehension Questions:

What does Mason think of the weather outside?

1. It's a little hot.
2. It's broiling hot.
3. It's not hot enough.

What does Felicity think of Mason's complaining?

1. He should turn the AC on full blast.
2. He should get over it.
3. He should add some more hot sauce.

What is Felicity waiting to see?

1. If Mason's nose will melt off.
2. If Mason will spontaneously combust.
3. If Mason will stop complaining about the weather.


登場人物: M:メイソン F:フェリシティー


F: どうしたの? 外はまだ暑いの?
M: ちょっとね、でもここの方がもっと暑いよ。
F: 何を言ってるの? エアコン、フル回転してるじゃない。
M: (温度自動調節器を見て)ああ。
F: (あきれた表情をし)オーケーわかったわ、まだ焼けるように
    でしょ? 我慢しなさい!
M: それが問題じゃないんだ。
F: あなたのランチ?それがどうかしたの?
M: 十分辛くなかったから、アメリカから持ってきたスペシャル
F: (ボトルを嗅いで、サッと身を引く)何これ!
M: 丈夫な胃なんだろうね。(カレーにもっとソースを足す)
F: あなたが自然発火するかどうかをうかがっているのよ。


DCECのメルマガダイアログ "Water Fight"


Characters: Mason: M, Umi: U

Mason swings into the office on his day off. 
He is dressed in shorts and is carrying a large water gun.

U: Hey Mason, fancy seeing you here. 
   What's with the water gun?
M: You know how I've been complaining about the heat? 
   Well, I've found a solution.
U: I see. So you're going to a water fight? 
   I guess that's smart.
M: Something like that. It's going to be a lot of fun. 
   I got soaked last time.
U: So you've done this before? How often?
M: Just once, but I had a blast. 
   Last weekend a bunch of us met up at Yoyogi park and 
   tried to keep cool.
U: Really? Last weekend? 
   But wasn't there a thunderstorm in Tokyo?
M: Yeah. How else do you think I got so wet?
U: Uh, hello? I would've thought the water guns had 
   something to do with it.
M: What, this thing? No, we don't use these to shoot 
   each other.
U: Then what are they for?
M: (shoots himself in the mouth) They're filled with 
   vodka and OJ.


★swing into-- - (少しの間)?に立ち寄る
★fancy - 気まぐれの、風変わりな、奇遇の
★solution - 解決、解決法、解決策
★soaked -(雨などで)ずぶぬれの、びしょびしょで
★a blast - 楽しい経験(時間)
★bunch -(a?)たくさんの、かなりの数の、大勢の
★thunderstorm - 激しい雷雨、雷をともなう豪雨
★shoot - 射撃する、撃つ
★OJ - = orange juice オレンジジュース

●Comprehension Questions:

What does Umi think Mason will do?
1. Complain about the heat.
2. Have a water fight.
3. Find a solution.

What did Mason do last weekend?
1. He met up with people at Yoyogi park.
2. Hide from the thunderstorm.
3. Complain about the heat.

How did Mason get so wet last weekend?
1. He was in a thunderstorm.
2. He was in a water fight.
3. He sweated too much.


登場人物: M - メイソン U - ウミ


U: あらメイソン、こんなところで会うなんて奇遇じゃない。
M: この暑さにどれだけ不満があるかわかるでしょ。
U: なるほど。で、水鉄砲合戦でも始めるの?賢いわね。
M: まあ、そんなところ。楽しくなりそうだよ。
U: 前にもやったことあるの?どのくらいの頻度で?
M: 一回だけど楽しかったよ。
U: 本当に?先週?でも東京は凄い雷雨じゃなかった?
M: ああ。そうじゃなきゃどうしてずぶぬれになったと思ったの?
U: え、ちょっと?てっきり水鉄砲で何かしたのかと思ったわ。
M: 何、これで?いや、撃ち合う為になんて使ったりなんてしないよ。
U: じゃ、それは何のため?
M: (自分の口の中に撃つ)ウォッカとオレンジジュースでいっぱいの