The Flatmates


The first order of business for me today is to deliver a recommendation.
A recommendation is an evaluation that we give to learners.
It shows them how well they have been progressing in the different skills that we focus on here at DCEC.

nicole evaluation

One of my suggestions to my learner to improve listening comprehension is to watch shows in English.
Not only do you practice listening to English, there is also a high chance that one would learn a new word or expression from it.
I know this from experience because I learned some expressions when I watched "Hotaru no Hikari."
"Bucho!!!" (imagine Amemiya Hotaru shouting this to Takano Seiichi)

nicole hotaru

After the class, I searched for some short and interesting clips.
I found this YouTube video from the "BBC Learning English" channel.
"The Flatmates" is a series of short clips featuring Alice, Tim, Helen and Michal.
The good thing about these short clips is that the conversation text is included in the video.
I hope you like it.