Eco-friendly Illumination


T: Tre M: Mas

In the middle of class discussion...

T: Mas, can you give an example of an environmentally sound
M: What specific technology are you referring to?
T: A technology that can reduce energy consumption in
  response to power outages and can contribute to mitigating
climate change impacts.
M: Hmmm... your question is quite hard to ponder
(thinking seriously)...
T: Let me give you an example. The use of solar panels
on the roof of houses is a viable source of clean energy.
M: Ah ok, now, I can grasp the essence of your question. I'm
thinking of LED (light- emitting diode) light bulb as
an eco-friendly illumination.
T: Really, how come? I thought about it as just another
ordinary bulb that can be easily overlooked upon by
impulsive shoppers.
M: There's more to LED light bulb when you verify its efficiency
compared to incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
T: Before we go on to that, can you explain succinctly how this
bulb works?
M: Ok, the LED light bulb uses LEDs as the source of light
as a direct current (DC) electrical power.
T: Can you give me a concrete basis for its widely reported
M: Several studies have shown that a 13 watt LED bulb can emit
light which is as bright as a100 watt incandescent bulb.
Moreover, it has 30,000 hours and can be utilized for up
to 25-30 years under normal use. It is definitely worth
purchasing for compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs
which have a service life of 1,000 and 8,000 hours, respectively.
T: I see. So that's the reason behind the increasing demand
for LED light bulbs.
By the way, are there any downsides about this type of
M: Yes, it is quite sensitive to high temperature exposure.
The manufacturers saw this imminent weakness so they put
heat sinks and cooling fins in the LED light bulb.
In addition, the initial cost of acquiring LED light bulbs
is relatively expensive.
T: I got your point but why is it a lot of people are jumping on
"LED bandwagon"?
M: Although the initial cost is high, the running cost is minimal.
In the long run, the benefits of using LEDs outweigh its initial
cost. Further, it has low carbon footprints thereby it can be
a part of the global initiative to mitigate climate change.
T: Wow! Thank you for that relevant information. I might change
the lamps in my room.
M: Bright idea!


★environmentally sound - 環境に優しい、環境保全型の
★specific - 仕様、明確な、特定の
★consumption - 消耗、消費量
★power outage - 停電
★contribute - 貢献する
★mitigating - 軽減する、緩和する
★impacts - 影響、衝撃、効果
★ponder - じっくり考える
★viable - 実行可能な
★clean energy - クリーンエネルギー
★grasp - 把握、しっかり掴む
★essence - 本質、核心
★emitting diode - 発光ダイオード
★eco-friendly illumination - 環境に優しい照明
★impulsive - 衝動的な
★incandescent - 白熱灯
★fluorescent lamps - 蛍光灯
★succinctly - 簡潔に
★direct current - 直流、DC
★concrete basis - 明確な、はっきりとした根拠、理由
★emit - 放射する
★service life - 耐用年数
★downside - 否定的側面、不都合な点
★imminent - 切迫した、間近の近接した、目と鼻の先の
★jumping on "LED bandwagon" - 「LEDの流れ」に飛びつく
★outweigh - 価値が勝る
★carbon footprint - 二酸化炭素排出量
★global initiative - 地球規模の取り組み
★relevant - (検討中の課題などと)関係のある、関連のある
★bright idea - 名案、うまい考え