You win some, you lose some


S: Shima N: Nicole Sc: Scott U: Umi

It is Scott's first day at his new job. He's running late
and the staff are getting worried...

U: Is Scott not here yet? It's half past already.
S: I don't know, I haven't heard from him since Saturday. I
hope he didn't get eaten by kappa this weekend on his
outing at the lake.
U: (Laughing) Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me. He does seem
the type.
N: You two are terrible! I'm sure he'll be here, he probably
just got lost. It's his first time here and you know the
station is difficult to navigate.
S: Well, he should have had no problems with the directions
I gave him.
N: Come on, the directions you gave me to your wedding had me
driving in circles, so it doesn't surprise me that he's lost.
U: You have to admit Shima, you don't have the best track
record at giving directions.
S: Fine, let's make a gentleman's bet that there's no problem
with my directions. The loser has to dance during the next
office event.
U: You're on.
(Five minutes pass)
S: Ok, so maybe the directions were a bit vague.
Sc: (Running through the door) I'm sorry, this old suitcase
burst open twice and I had to scramble to pick up the papers.
S: How were the directions?
Sc: The directions were great. Without them I would have
been hopelessly lost.
N: (Looks at Umi with a big smile) What shall we do, riverdance?


★half past - ~時半
★outing - 外出、お出かけ
★come on - ちょっと、おいおい
★driving in circles - 車で円を描いて走る
★track record - 実績
★gentleman's bet - (お金を賭けない)賭け
★vague - はっきりしない
★scramble - 慌てて~する
★riverdance - リバーダンス(アイリッシュ・ダンスやアイルランド


S: 島 N: ニコル Sc: スコット U: ウミ


U: スコットはまだなの? もう30分過ぎてるけど。
S: 分からないな、土曜以来なにも連絡はないよ。今週末に湖に出かけた
U: (笑って)ええ、そうだとしても不思議はないわね。彼はそのタイプよ。
N: 二人ともひどい! ちゃんと来るわよ。多分道に迷ったんだわ。
S: 僕が彼にあげた道案内で問題ないと思うけどな。
N: ちょっと、あなたの結婚式の時にくれた案内のせいで私は車で
U: 島、認めて。あなたは道順を教えるのがうまくないじゃない。
S: それなら、僕の道案内に問題ないことに賭けようじゃないか。負けた人
U: いいわよ。
S: そうだな、やっぱり道案内がちょっと分かりにくかったのかもしれない。
S: 道案内はどうだった?
Sc: バッチリ。これがなければ道に迷って途方に暮れてたよ。
N: (にっこり笑ってウミを見て)さあて、どうする、リバーダンスでも