The Amazing Race Nippon Day 6 (Sunday): Shizuoka


Day Six (Sunday): Shizuoka

Before my younger sister left for the United States to be with my brother-in-law, her last request was to have a glimpse of Mt. Fuji.
I told her I can fulfill her wish easily by just going to the station and standing on the platform.
On a clear day, Mt. Fuji could be seen from that point.
Since my duty was to fulfill all their whims and wishes, I arranged the trip.

nicole wish

Upon arrival, my sister and my mother marveled at the mountain's majestic beauty.
My sister played with several settings in her camera just to capture the grand scene in front of her.
As soon as she found the right combination, she clicked away and it took her an hour to surface from behind the camera.

nicole fuji

After having a small picnic by the lake and playing catch, we sped to Gotemba to spend some hard-earned money.
We scoured the shops for good deals and went home happy with our purchases.

nicole shopping

A shopping spree concluded our Amazing Race Nippon.
We were able to visit 6 prefectures in 6 days.
Yes, it was totally exhausting for all of us but it was all worthwhile.
This was just one example of the things I would do in the name of family.