The Amazing Race Nippon Day 5 (Friday): Chiba


Day Five (Friday): Chiba

As they say, a trip to Japan is never complete for people young at heart if you don't visit the Tokyo Disneyland.
Thus, for my youngest sister's last leg of the journey (she left May 21), the "Happiest Family" went to the "Happiest Place on Earth."

nicole tdl

Seeing Mickey Mouse and the other Disney characters always brings back my childhood days.
I still remember watching the weekly Disney cartoons on a Sunday morning (after hearing mass) with my cousins at my grandparents house.
We would all be spread all over the living room floor munching on something while catching the latest adventure of Mickey.
Very fond memories!

nicole old mickey

Thus, the entire day was spent goofing around the park and being like kids again.
It was hilarious!
Sometimes it's just nice to let go and be carefree.

nicole carefree