Shoo cold... Don't bother me


It's been a week and my darn cold 風邪ひき is still not showing signs of abating.
Argh! The repainting of my building is also not helping my recovery.
During my rest days, I have to choose between staying at home and inhaling the fumes or going out and braving the cold.
Hmm... Which is the lesser of the two evils?

Here are some facts I came across about colds:

1. It takes about 48 hours to infect you and make you sick
My throat became scratchy Friday. That means... I got the bug Wednesday. I was in Tokyo in the afternoon until evening. Eureka!

nicole train

2. Sweat out your cold
I guess my laziness to walk in the biting cold crystal*is now taking its toll.
I need to motivate myself to get out and sweat, and to not give in do the beckoning of my warm bed and the funny TV TVprograms.

nicole walk

3. Late nights are the culprit
Too much watching of the "Sex and the City" テレビreruns make me lose the much needed snooze .

nicole sleep

4. 200 colds on average before we die
Usually, I catch a cold once or twice a year only.
So, with this estimate I might live until I'm a hundred?!?

nicole hundred

5. Gaining weight? Blame it on the bug.
Some studies suggest that getting a cold may actually cause you to gain weight because the viruses seem to increase the number of cells that develop into fat ブタさん.
So, the expression "as healthy as a cow" is no longer true.




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