Meltin' Waffles


Chocolates チョコレート always perk me up. Even just the sight of it makes me smile and think that tomorrow is gonna be a better day.

I am not alone. A lot of women across the globe find themselves reaching for those brown or white goodies when they are feeling down. Yes, the endorphins or the so-called happy chemicals in the chocolate make us believe that life will eventually become good again.

So, after a tough week, I can't think of a better way to reward myself by having one of those decadent truffles. But wait, something else catches my eyes and tastebuds.

Stone Cold Creamery's "Meltin' Waffle" caught my fancy while I was window shopping. The image of the raspberry ice-cream ソフトクリーム melting on top of a warm chocolate waffle made my mouth water.


Have you tried it yet? Better try it soon. The sweetness of the waffle was balanced by the tartness of the raspberry, plus the contrast of the cold and warm made it a great

Now, I have to roam around 走る人the mall again to burn those calories.


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