Orange and White, then add an Owl


Dining out is always an enjoyable experience. It's one of my favorite pastimes. For someone who is not a kitchen diva, eating out is an activity that makes my day a little easier.

Last Wednesday night was a good example of an interesting dining experience.  I met my friends who were staying near Akasakamitsuke station for dinner. They sent me the directions to the restaurant of their choice and when I got there I was greeted by bright orange colors and an owl. Yes, I found myself standing in front of the new Hooters bar and restaurant in Tokyo.


As expected, a lot of people were waiting in line. We had to wait for more than an hour (actually, I only waited for 30 minutes) to get a table. Once inside, I had a sudden flashback of Halloween because of the bright orange splashed all over the place. However, the moment I saw the girls running around taking orders, I knew this was not a Halloween party.

The Hooters ladies wore their very famous uniform (low cut white tank top and orange hot pants). These
scantily clad ladies took orders, delivered food and drinks, danced and chatted with patrons while stopping every now and then for picture  sessions with excited customers.

One would think what kind of training did they have to undergo in order to be able to do all those things for the entire night. Amazing!

I just don't know how the majority of people would accept this kind of establishment here in Japan. If this store would do well, I'm pretty sure another Hooters establishment would pop out somewhere.

I just have one word to describe it: interesting.


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