Bear in Mind


E: Euneece N: Nicole W: Willibee

E: Nicole, is it true that when a man gives his girlfriend
  a handkerchief, it means he's calling it quits.
N: Haven't heard of such a thing.
E: Me, neither, until someone asked me the same question
earlier. The hankie is supposed to dry the tears of the
heartbroken lass.
N: (with sarcasm) How thoughtful of the man!

Willibee enters the office, overhearing Nicole's remark.

W: Who's the lucky girl to date a thoughtful man?
E: I wish it was the case, Willibee. Actually...
(telling Willibee what they were discussing)
W: Oh, that. I don't wanna be that girl either. But if it
were true, just imagine if one receives a towel.
N: Hahaha! (exaggerating) ...that would mean a river of
tears will be wasted.
W: What I know though is that it's a no-no for brides to
wear pearl accessories.
E: Right. Pearls are like tears, they say.
N: (protesting) But I think pearls go well with the white
wedding dress, so it's a shame one couldn't use them.
E: I agree. It's only a superstition, though.
W: Tell you what, a friend of mine accessorized her hair
with that jewel on her wedding day. Everyone admired
her one-of-a-kind coiffure.
N: I could only imagine.
W: (saying matter-of-factly) Recently, I learned that she
got divorced and is in depression.
N: Oh.
E: Was it mere coincidence or the result of defying the
N: No matter. I'll bear it in mind never to use pearls on
my wedding day.
E: (teasing) Um... will I hear the wedding bells soon?
N: (turning a deaf ear) Talking to me?


★call it quits‐(人との関係を)終わりにする
★go well with‐似合う
★it's a shame‐不名誉、恥ずかしいこと
★No matter‐どうでもいい
★bear in mind‐心に留めておく
★turn a deaf ear‐耳を貸さない


登場人物:  E: ユニース N: ニコル W: ウィリビー

E: ニコル、男の人が彼女にハンカチを渡すのは、サヨナラの意味
N: そんなの聞いたことないわ。
E: 私もさっき同じ事を質問されるまで知らなかったわ。傷ついた
N: (嫌味っぽく)ずいぶん気が利くこと!


W: 気が利く男とデートできるラッキーな娘って誰なの?
E: それならよかったんだけど、実は...(何の話か説明する)
W: そうなんだ。そんなの私もやだな。でももしそうなら、タオル
N: ははは!(大げさに)川のように涙を流してるんでしょうね。
W: でも、結婚式に真珠のアクセサリーを付けるのはだめなのよ。
E: そうよ。真珠は涙みたいだからだって。
N: (承知せずに)でも真珠はウエディングドレスに合うわ。そのた
E: 本当ね。だけどただの迷信だけどね。
W: 私の友達は結婚式のとき、真珠で髪を飾っていたわ。みんな
N: 想像することしかできないわ。
W: (事務的な口調で)彼女は最近離婚して、落ち込んでるって聞い
N: まあ。
E: ただの偶然か、それとも迷信に逆らったからなの?
N: どっちでもいいわ。自分の結婚式には真珠をぜったい付けない
E: (からかうように)じゃ、もうすぐ結婚するの?
N: (取り合わずに)なにか言った?


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