Christmas Around The World


When you have a group of people who enjoy the company of each other and you throw in some games, food, drinks and presentations, you are sure to have one cool and enjoyable party.  This is what we had during DCEC's Christmas Party... Christmas Around The World.

 Two governesses started the ball rolling by introducing the DCEC staff.   One by one, the DCEC staff members greeted their guests "Merry Christmas" in different languages.  As soon as everyone was introduced, our learner emcees took over and made sure everyone was having a great time.  Good work, guys!

The guests were welcomed by DCEC's president with a very humorous speech and this was followed by a persuasive speech by a Saitama professor who graced the activity.  The party was in full swing after the learners gave their presentations; one group showcased their dancing abilities by doing the hula and another bunch regaled everyone by singing "Feliz Navidad".

Of course, a DCEC party would not be complete if we don't play games.  Two exciting games were prepared to make sure that the learners practice their English skills and presence of mind.  The games were hilarious!

Moreover, everyone enjoyed the food and drinks.  But I think they enjoyed the DCEC staff members' dance numbers more than the snacks they were munching on.

To have a brief idea how fun it was on that day, click on the link.
The smile on each face says it all.

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