My iPad Experience

My friend from California was in Japan again and I met up with her in Shibuya. After we ate to our heart’s content in a yakiniku restaurant, we went back to her hotel in Yokohama. There she showed me her newest toy, an iPad. She told me the story of how having one is a good conversation starter. For example, one American man in the limousine bus struck up a conversation with her about her gadget. The man said he was jealous because he also wants one. Another occasion, she brought it to the company she was visiting and one of her Japanese colleagues wanted to hold it. Right after she handed it to him, he exclaimed that he was the first Japanese man to hold an iPad!

In my case, I asked her to take a picture while I was exploring her gadget. When I saw the picture, I proclaimed that I am probably the first lady in Japan to use and to have her picture taken with an iPad!

Note: The pictures are not so clear since we only used the usual iPhone camera (no app was used) with the yellow lighting of the hotel room.