Patience and Practice


Learning a second language is not an easy task.
It doesn't matter what language you are learning but the difficulties second-language learners face are the same.
You have the vocabulary words/ expressions to memorize, the sentence structures to master, the grammar to study and ,of course, the words to correctly pronounce. Sometimes the person you are talking to hears the word differently from how you intended it to. Well, I am pretty sure the man at the hair salon 美容院 or the lady at the bank 銀行 had the same thoughts about me when I tried to talk to them in Japanese.

Correct pronunciation of words is a part of learning a language.
For most Japanese people learning English, they have difficulty in the following areas:
lack of distinction between [f] vs [h]
lack of distinction between voiced and voiceless consonants, such as [t]
vs [d] and [k] vs [g]

lack of distinction between [r] and [l]
addition of a vowel after a final consonant

To overcome these shortcomings, confidence, constant practice and patience are needed.
Below is a video uploaded by "sozoexchange" to help learners pronounce some difficult English words.
Browse through their channel; they have more than 200 videos showing the correct way to say words.
Why don't you try it with the video?

This second clip is a short scene from the movie 映画 "Pink Panther."
It shows a teacher patiently teaching a student to intelligibly say, "I would like to buy a hamburger." ハンバーガー
Before you proceed to the video, I just would like to remind you that the intention is not to make fun of people who can't pronounce words correctly.
However, I would like viewers to focus on the fact that the "student" in the clip refused to quit and that the "teacher" was very patient.
Plus, it wouldn't hurt also to say that this is a funny movie clip.

Doesn't that make you want to make a run to the nearest hamburger store? にひひ




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