Happy Valentine's Day


Every February, most people usually see red.
Not the angry kind... the one with the hearts. ドキドキ
Yes, it is that time of the year again when love is in the air. ラブラブ

nicole Vday

From where I come from, Valentine's Day is the day when men are expected to plan romantic dinners with their special someones in good restaurants,
secretly buy roses ブーケ1, greeting cards ラブレターor chocolates チョコレートand send them to their significant others.
Most women anticipate receiving something on this day, thus some feel out of place when they don't.
For most high schools, this is also the time when Junior-Senior proms happen.

nicole Vday2

That is why I was so surprised when I came to Japan and found out that the custom here is different.
Instead of men, throngs of women go to shops to buy chocolates for their loved ones, friends, male officemates or even for the ones they admire.

I passed by LOFT the other day (exactly 2 days before V-day) and saw a lot of ladies (young and not-so-young) carefully checking out the packed chocolates on display.
My curiosity was piqued so I browsed through the selection as well.
There I saw your typical bonbons, rare chocolates, chocolate bars, your cocoa drinks and a lot more.

nicole Vdaychoco

In this website (http://www.mostinterestingfacts.com/culinary/top-5-most-expensive-chocolates-in-the-world.html), they listed expensive chocolates around the world.

3. Delafee chocolates costs $504 per 459 gram
Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland
Why the price?
They are hand-made 24-carat gold shaped chocolate pieces. Yes, it says "gold."

nicole delafee

2. Noka is $854 per 450 gram
Location: Dallas, Texas
Noka Vintages Collection uses the best compilation of special black chocolate from Ecuador.
They don't add any emulsifier or any vanilla. If you are looking for the authentic cacao experience, then Noka is the one for you.
There is a store in Tokyo. (http://www.noka-chocolate.jp/)

nicole noka

1. Chocopolagie : $2,600 per 450 grams
Producer: Knipschildt
In order to have this, you have to go pre-order or pick it up at Norwalk, Connecticut.
These delecacies are hand made chocolates with 70% Valrhona cocoa powder rolled over French Black truffle.
No wonder they cost a fortune!
Mouth-watering, don't you think?

nicole chocopolagie

Guys, enjoy this red day.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

To close this post, let me share this video.
It explains some useful expressions about love, relationships and all those mushy things.
Who knows... you might use one of these expressions today.



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