Broccoli Delight


Nor: N Tre: T Yu: Y

At the start of the class…

T: Nor, thank you for the gift that you sent me last time.
N: You are welcome. I hope you like the broccoli.
Y: Broccoli? The vegetable…?
T: Indeed. I think it was harvested in Nor's backyard garden.
Y: Really? I couldn't believe Nor has a green thumb!
N: Thank you for the compliments but I am not expert in farming.
Last month, I planted approximately 150 seeds of broccoli.
T: That's a lot. Let me guess… broccoli is one of your
favorite vegetables.
N: Certainly!
Y: (Hesitantly asked…) May I know why you like broccoli?
N: It is delicious and undoubtedly a healthy food. I think
it is the food that has kept me out from catching colds for
almost six years now since I regularly included broccoli in
my diet.
Y: Really? That's amazing!
T: Well, there is a concrete scientific explanation for that.
Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, A, K and other phytonutrients
that boost the immune system and assist the body's
detoxification system.
N: It is also a good source of dietary fiber to keep me fit
and trim (winking his eyes)!
Y: Hmmm... (listening with all ears)
T: Wow! A good idea to reduce the number of my spare tires…
hahaha! So, Yu do like to gobble up some broccoli?
Y: I am not into it. I have a preference for meat over
  vegetables…but on second thought, I might give it a try.
N: Just remember this old adage, health is wealth…
T & Y: Right!


★green thumb‐園芸の才能(指の色が変わるくらい植物と向き
    (an extraordinary ability to make plants grow well.)
★keeps me out from ~‐~から自分を遠ざける
★scientific explanation‐科学的説明
★immune system‐免疫システム
★detoxification system‐解毒系
★fit and trim‐スリムで健康的
★all ears - 熱心に耳を傾ける(cutely attentive)
★spare tires‐ぜい肉
★gobble up‐ガッツリ食べる
★old adage‐古い格言


登場人物: N:ノア T:トレ Y:ユウ


T: ノア,この間ぼくに贈ってくれたギフト、ありがとう。
N: どういたしまして。あのブロッコリ気に入ってくれたかな。
Y: ブロッコリ? 野菜ってこと…?
T: そういうこと。あれはノアの裏庭で収穫されたんじゃないかな。
Y: 本当?ノアに園芸の才能があったなんて!
N: 褒めてくれてありがとう、でもぼくは農業の専門家じゃないよ。
T: それはすごいね。当ててみようか…ブロッコリがきみのお気に
N: そのとおり!
Y: (ためらいながら尋ねる…) どうしてブロッコリが好きなのか聞
N: それは美味しいし、間違いなく健康によい食べ物だからだよ。
Y: そうなの?それは驚きだね!
T: 実は、それには明確な科学的説明がなされているんだ。ブロッコ
N: それにこのスリムで健康的な体を保つために必要な食物繊維も取
Y: ん…(熱心に耳を傾けて聞いている)
T: うわぁ!ぜい肉を減らすには最適だね…ハハハ!それで、ユウ、
Y: ぼくはそれに興味がないな。ぼくは野菜より肉食だからね…でも
N: 古い格言で健康は財産だっていうから、それだけ覚えておいてね…
T & Y: わかった!


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