Arab Cartoon


It has been a while since I ate a good breakfast while reading a newspaper. Since I am with my friend at The Pan Pacific Hotel in Yokohama, I had to.

As I munched on my croissant and sipped my freshly brewed coffee,コーヒー足あと I came across this interesting cartoon in The Daily Yomiuri.


It seems that the Arab countries are in turmoil nowadays. I think the people suddenly realized that they have voices and if they banded together, they can do big things… such as overthrow a tyrant.

The successful silent protests that happened in Egypt seemed to have opened a lot of unsaid and accumulated complaints toward some Arab rulers. Other countries in that area, such as Iran, Libya and now Bahrain, are following suit.

Hopefully, they end also without bloodshed and with the triumph of freedom.


The Daily Yomiuri


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