You and Your Bag


I have always had this question in my mind but never had the guts to express it.
Today, for some reason, I would like to ask...
"Why is it that women carry their belongings around and men just have their wallets?"

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Is it because women have the basic nature to provide, thus the big bags?
Or is it because we just bring too much?

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Carrying bags is already a part of who we are.
It is most often the most important accessory we have at a time.
A great one because it doesn't even have to complement our body size!
That is why some splurge on bags.
This is very evident inside the trains here in Japan... it's like walking down the aisle of the handbag section of a department store!
Louis Vuitton... Gucci... Prada... Hermès... Marc Jacobs... Kate Spade... Christian Dior... Fendi... Coach... Yves Saint Lauren... Ralph Lauren... Bottega Veneta... Chloe... Zac Posen...

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What you carry is a very big factor of what people might think (assume) about you.
So, based on your bag, let's see what kind of personality you have...
(This is solely based on Meredith Stebbins article "Your Handbag, Your Self")

The Eternal Prepster - if you like to tote around a classic canvas bag
You are someone who is conservative and traditional, but with a desire to carry a status symbol.

The Upwardly Mobile Do-Gooder - if you carry around a burlap bag
This means you are someone who is concerend about the world and the environment.

The Lady Who Luxes - if you have the entire line of luxury brand bags hanging in your closet
This reads you have a job and have an expensive taste.

The Multitasker - if you favor expandable and functional bags
A crossbody would allow you to use both hands, thus, more tasks to do at the same time.

The Brooklyner - if you have a very flashy bag that could be seen from afar
You don't care about dress codes. It is not necessary for you to match your bag with your clothes.

The Power Mom - a leather bag wherein you can keep all your necessities
This is for the working mom who needs to run around keeping all meetings and playdates.

The Pantsuit Executive - if your arm candy is a structured leather handbag
A proper handbag for the power woman who carries files and even a laptop.

The Party Girl - if you have an office bag that can double us a party bag
Indicative that the owner is young and energetic. Why?
She still has energy to party after office hours.

The Hoarder - if you like massive oversized bags
This translates to the person being messy so don't ever bring one to an interview.

However, if I see the next two bags anytime soon...
One word would only be in my mind... EXTRAVAGANT!

The Chanel "Diamond Forever" Classic Bag - $261,000
It has 334 diamonds totaling 3.56 carats, set in 18-carat white gold hardware. The long shoulder straps are made with the same white gold.
There are only 13 available bags worldwide.

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This next one is made of platinum with over 2,000 glimmering diamonds.
A versatile bag with many uses: you can use the diamond-beaded strap as a necklace or bracelet; the bag is embellished with an 8-carat pear shaped shimmering diamond that can also be used as a separate accessory.
This extravagant designer hand bag is created by Ginza Tanaka, a Japanese Designer.
It is worth £1 million.
nicole platinum bag



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