Economics Explained in a Cartoon


For most people reading business news or articles is not a piece of cake.
The business terms or jargons in the text make our heads spin like tops and we are just left clueless.
Once or twice, I have to check the meaning of the terms just to see if I understood them correctly.
Or else, I would be totally lost!

That is why I admire people who think about unconventional things to make learning difficult things seems easy and fun.
And because of modern technology, educators have a lot of tools to choose from to effectively teach complicated information to their students.

For example, imagine attending a business class and the teacher is trying to explain the rudiments of Quantitative Easing.
If you said, "Huh?!", my point exactly.
According to Wikipedia, it is the "unconventional monetary policy used by some central banks to stimulate economy".
The U.S. Federal Reserve used this in 2008 during the subprime loan crisis.

Did it make sense?
Wasn't that just too boring?
But if this was explained in a more interesting way like the video below using animation, I am sure you wouldn't have yawned.

Don't you agree?



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