Being Awesome


Maintaining a blog is not an easy task.
It is pure hard work.
So to start of this post, I would like to commend my fellow bloggers for keeping the viewers satisfied with interesting, funny, scary, worth-reading articles everyday.
Kudos to all bloggers in the world!

I would like to introduce Neil Pasricha, a fellow blogger.
Neil is an "average" guy with "average" ideas but has an "awesome" blog.

His blog, "1000 Awesome Things" won two Webby Awards in 2009 for Best Blog for Culture / Personal as well as Best Blog in People's Voice Award.
The book based on this blog, "The Book of Awesome", became an International bestseller for 30 weeks and got "awesome" reviews.

nicole awesome book

Now, listen to what he has to say about being "awesome" in this talk he did at a TED event in Toronto.
He tells us the three A's on how to become awesome: Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity.

Would you like to be "awesome" too?



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