Business English: Introduction


For most of us, we hope that the new year brings us a better business.
Better business involves more profit and to achieve this either we reduce our expenses or exponentially increase our sales.
If we choose the latter, we have to keep our existing list of clients and get new ones as well.

In business (even in ordinary situations), first impressions are important.
A person creates an opinion about another person in the first twenty seconds.
Thus, we should make every second count when meeting a potential client.
There are a lot of protocols involved in meeting business partners for the first time and even doing an introduction.
Make sure you know how to and practice it.

Some examples (as written by Lahle Wolfe):
We should introduce...

Younger people to older people;
Junior ranking professionals to senior ranking professionals;
Business contacts and staff to clients;
Personal acquaintances and family members to business professionals when attending a business function; and
Guests to their hosts.

Here is a link to a video that teaches you how to go about this nerve-wracking situation.

Remember to practice this before your next meeting. Good luck!



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