My Marshmallow Test


Characters: N- Nicole, S-Shima, T- Taka

On the first working day at DCEC...

N: Oh, you scared me! (Shima was standing in front of
the elevator and the lights were still off)
S: (laughed at Nicole's reaction) Happy New Year!
So, how was your vacation? Did you have a field day?
N: Nah. Mostly, I just vegged out at home.
Oh, but I went to Karuizawa last January 2.
S: For skiing?
N: (blushed profusely) Actually, I just went to the
outlet store.
S: Ha ha ha! Same old, same old.

During Nicole's first class...

N: So, how did you spend your New Year vacation?
T: Oh, I went back to my home town... (Taka regaled
Nicole with his Tokushima and Osaka trips) How about
you, Nicole? Did you have a blast?
N: All I did mostly was to kick back and relax. I didn't
know that actually doing nothing during the holidays
could be so refreshing.
I even acquired the habit of drinking hot cocoa with
marshmallows while reading a book.
T: Wow! And I thought you would be out every day
painting the town red.
N: I thought so too. (smiled at Taka)
T: Since we're on the subject of marshmallows... how
did you fare in your little marshmallow test?
N: Ahh, that one...
T: (looked at Nicole) You blew it? I had the idea that
you wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to open
your pretty packages.
(shook his head disappointingly)
N: Who said I opened it? (said indignantly) I am a big
girl, I know how to control my urges. (feigned being
T: So, you didn't? (hopeful that his governess did not
give in)
N: Well... I peeked. (said sheepishly)
T: I guess your love of wrapped-packages got the better
of you! (chuckled)
N: I guess so...


★Marshmallow test‐アメリカの心理学者が行った心理テスト
★first working day‐仕事始め
★field day‐イベントなどで騒ぐ日
★vegged out‐ごろごろする
★Same old, same old.‐お決まりの
★paint the town red‐飲み歩く、町に繰り出して楽しむ
★give in‐負ける
★got the better of you‐負ける

■"マシュマロ テスト"

登場人物: N-ニコル, S-シマ, T-タカ


N: うわ、びっくりした!(シマがエレベータの前に立っており、
S: (ニコルの反応に笑って)新年おめでとう! それで休みは
どうだった? ハメをはずした?
N: いやあ。ほとんど家でゴロゴロしてた。ああ、でも2日に軽
S: スキーへ?
N: (真っ赤になって)実はアウトレットに行ったの。
S: ははは! お決まりのコースだね。


N: さて、お正月休みをどう過ごしましたか?
T: ああ、地元の街へ行きました。(タカはニコルに徳島、大阪に
行った話を聞かせてくれた) ニコルはどうだった?満喫した?
N: 存分に休養したわよ。なんにもしない休日っていうのがこんな
T: へえ! 毎日外に出て町中を飲み歩いているのかと思った。
N: 私もそう思ってた。(タカに笑いかける)
T: マシュマロの話になったついでに...マシュマロテスト(我慢
N: ああ、それね...。
T: (ニコルを見て)だめだった?きれいな包みを開ける誘惑に負け
N: 誰が開けたって言った?(怒って言う)(バカにされたというよ
T: じゃあ、開けなかった?(開けてなければいいなというふうに)
N: うーん、ちょっと覗き見はしたけど。(照れくさそうに)
T: ニコルの包装箱への愛はかなりのものだね!(クスクス笑う)
N: そうかも...



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