The Bigger, the Better?!


I love my cup of Joe (coffee) every day.
Every time I go to my class in Tokyo, I stop at a Starbucks shop for a tall Caramel Macchiato.
Whoever formulated this drink, I am forever indebted.

Starbucks is always providing its customers with something new.
Almost every season, they launch a new drink or food.
They even have a new company logo this year.

nicole starbucks logo

Come May 2011, a big thing is coming out of all the stores of this coffee chain in the United States.
Get ready for the Trenta!

nicole starbucks trenta

So, now they have Short, Tall, Grande (Italian for "large"), Venti (means "twenty" in Italian and the newest addition Trenta, of course in Italian it means "thirty".

However, I don't think I would be buying a hot Trenta Caramel Macchiato anytime soon...
Just think of all the calories inside that monstrous 31 oz. cup!



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