In the same boat


E: Euneece M: Miho T: Taro S: Shuzo

When everyone settled in the room...

E: Looks like someone burned the candle at both ends, huh?
M & T: (simultaneously) Me?
E: Oh! I was referring to Taro 'coz I thought he looks
exhausted. I didn't know you're both in the same boat.
M: (without further ado) My daughter got sick and I had to
monitor her condition twenty-four seven.
E: Sorry to hear that. I hope it wasn't serious.
M: She had fever on and off, reaching as high as thirty-nine
degrees. I was worried to bits.
S: I could empathize with you. When my children were young,
we were constant visitors to hospitals.
E: Did you see a pediatrician? What's the diagnosis?
M: We rushed her to the hospital at midnight on Tuesday.
The doctor advised us to see an ENT specialist first
thing in the morning.
S: Let me guess. Otitis Media?
M: Yes. There's infection on her left ear. No wonder she
was so fussy then. We were given antibiotics and she
is getting better now. Thank goodness.
E: Such a disease causes so much discomfort and pain.
Good to know she's OK now. I'm sure she'll be back to
her usual self in no time.
S: By the way, Taro, are you still with us? (teasing) You
seem to be in dreamland with your eyes open.
T: Do I look that sleepy? (yawning)
M: (chuckling) It's not so obvious.
T: Actually, I hit the sack at past seven this morning.
S: Too early! (smiling)
T: Right. I watched the Women's World Cup Soccer
Championship between Japan and America.
S: I watched our national team win, too!
E: Congratulations to Japan! Such victory surely was a
boost for the entire nation. But wait, you don't look
as haggard Shuzo.
S: Why should I do? I had a good night's sleep.
M: How did you get to see Nadeshiko Japan grab the title?
S: Well, I was lucky. When I woke up at six, it was in
time for the triumphant moment.
T: Cheat!


★burn the candle at both ends - 昼も夜も忙しい生活をする
★simultaneously - 同時に
★in the same boat - 同じ状況下(立場・境遇)にある
★without further ado - 難しい話は抜きにして、さっさと
★twenty-four seven - しょっちゅう、いつも
★worried to bits - ひどく心配する
★empathize -(同様の経験から)人の気持ちを理解できる、
★pediatrician - 小児科医
★diagnosis - 診断結果、見立て
★ENT = Ear, Nose, Throat - 耳鼻咽喉科
★Otitis Media - 中耳炎
★fussy - イライラしやすい、じれている、ぐずる
★antibiotics - 抗生物質学
★in no time - 即座に、すぐさま、直ちに
★dreamland - 夢の国
★yawn - あくびをする
★hit the sack - (話)床に就く
★boost - 上昇、促進
★haggard - やつれた、げっそりした
★triumphant - 勝利を収めた、輝かしい
★cheat - ずる、ごまかし、いんちき


E: ユニース M: ミホ T: タロウ S: シュウゾウ


E: 体力が消耗してる人がいるようね?
M&T: (同時に)私/僕?
E: あら! タロウのこと言ったの。すごく疲れてるようだから。
E: お気の毒に。大したことなかったならいいけど。
M: 熱が上がったり下がったで、39度にまで達して。すごく心配
S: その気持ちよく分かるよ。僕も子供が小さかったとき、よく病
E: 小児科に診せたの? 診断結果は?
M: 火曜日の深夜に病院に駆け込んだの。先生は、朝一番に耳鼻科
S: それって中耳炎じゃない?
M: その通り。左耳に感染してね。彼女がむずかるのも無理ないわ。
E: そういう病気はかなりの痛みと不快症状を引き起こすのよね。
S: ところで、タロウ、僕たちの話聞いてる?(からかって)
T: そんなに眠そうに見える?(あくびをして)
T: 実は、朝の7時過ぎに寝床に就いたんだ。
S: 早すぎ!(笑顔で)
T: そう。女子サッカーワールドカップの日本対アメリカ決勝戦を
S: 僕も日本チームが勝つのを見たよ!
E: 日本おめでとう!この勝利は間違いなく国全体を活気づけて
S: どうしてやつれるんだい? 僕はよく眠れたよ。
M: なでしこジャパンがタイトルを掴んだってどうしてわかったの?
S: えーとね、運がよかったんだ。6時に起きた時、ちょうど勝利
T: そりゃずるだね!