Telephone Conversation in English


One of the greatest inventions of the industrial revolution is the telephone.
Communication has never been this easier since the introduction of this marvelous device in our lives.
Gone are the days that we have to rely on pigeons to deliver messages... or even men on horses.
All we have to do is dial the number and we are connected to the person we wish to speak to.

However, for some non-English speakers using the phone sometimes can be a nightmare.
When some people are put in the spot to speak English, they only have two options. First option is to do their best to get their message across.
The other one is to just hang up.

In my more than three years of working in Japan, I have had my share of hang ups and determined people who try to convene their messages.
I applaud the latter.

So this is my idea to help out the others who haven't had the courage to try yet... Watch the video from podEnglish and learn some phrases useful in telephone conversation situations.

I hope next time you would try to speak in English.
Try and give us a call at 048-649-6588... you can use the words and expressions you just learned.