DCEC reaching new hEIGHTs


On February 11, Japan celebrated its National Foundation Day. This March, it’s DCEC’s turn to commemorate its establishment. March 1st marks the beginning of DCEC’s eight year. So, join us in welcoming this momentous occasion with the theme “DCEC reaching new hEIGHTs!”


Everyone is encouraged to join the festivities before or after your classes from March 1 to 7. We have prepared a short game of trivial pursuit where you will be asked simple questions about DCEC. Exciting prizes and freebies await you! So, gear up and aim high with DCEC for we surely plan to reach success like never before.

3月1~7日の間、レッスンが始まる前や終わった後に、皆様ぜひ行事にご参加ください。ちょっとした豆知識ゲームを用意しますので、DCECに関する簡単なクイズにお答えください。楽しい賞品がもらえます! DCECと今まで以上の成果を達成できるよう、高みを目指して頑張りましょう。

Happy anniversary to all of us!

nicole happy anniv