Before I came to Japan, I had the luxury of driving a car 車 to work everyday.
I didn't need to use the public transportation nor walk under the sweltering heat of the sun during summers.
Yes, I had my own set of wheels: I was very mobile.
Thus, it became a huge problem when I arrived in Japan.
I felt very helpless.

I had to learn how to take the public transportation.
If not, I would be at my friends' mercy for a ride to a place where I need to go.
Since the latter seemed to be not a good idea, I learned and walked 走る人 through rain 雨 or shine 晴れ.

We were given the ability to adapt.
Our adaptability skills would help us cope up with some bad situations we might find ourselves in.
Have you had the need to adapt to a situation recently?

I found this example...
Japan Airlines' CEO, Haruka Nishimatsu, was featured in a video clip showing how well he adapts to the bad situation his company is in.
The clip showed how he shared the burden and hardship of his fellow employees.

He was heavily compared to the American CEOs who filed for bankruptcy a while back and received a lot of criticism because of their extravagant lifestyles. Check this out.