Word Play


Words are very powerful tools to express ideas and opinions.
Businesses worldwide have used words to promote their products and services.
Playing with words usually makes clients remember the company easier.
Tall about easy recall in advertisements.
Remember these catchy slogans? The answers are at the bottom of this post.

1.  Just do it!
2.  Impossible is Nothing
3.  The Power of Dreams
4.  It's the real thing.
5.  Connecting people.
6.  I'm lovin' it!
7.  Diamonds are forever.

Next, see how words can be manipulated to bring out funny names for products.
Check out some funny beer names that I am sure you will not forget easily.
Just keep in mind that all products are just your usual beer.

1.  Buttface Amber Ale
Why is it funny?  Well, just imagine a crowded bar and you will ask the bartender to give you one.
Would you like to shout "I'll have a Buttface" the entire night?
butt - the part of your body that you sit on

nicole china buttface

2.  Santa's Butt
Everyone likes Santa in winter, right?  But not this part of his anatomy, I am sure.
anatomy - somebody's body

nicole santa butt

3. Moose Drool
Sounds yucky!
drool - flow of saliva

nicole moose drool

4.  Polygamy Porter
The slogan says "Why have just one?"  Hmm... for beer, I agree.  For other things, I am not so sure about that.
polygamy - having more than one wife or husband at the same time

nicole polygamy porter

5.  Blithering Idiot
This is exactly what happens to some who just had one too many...
blithering idiot - an insulting word for someone who behaves in a stupid way

nicole blithering idiot

Was that funny?  Or was that funny?

1.  Nike    2.  Adidas    3.  Honda Cars      4.  Coca Cola        5.  Nokia    
6.  McDonald's    7.  DeBeers



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