Three years and counting


November 13, 2007 is a special day for me.
It marks the day that I came to Japan for the third time.
And now, I am celebrating my third anniversary.
Cool, right?

nicole 3 years

A lot of people have asked me one common question after hearing my past Japan trips.
It's always "What do you like about Japan?"
A fairly appropriate question since I have been in and out of the country three times despite the language barrier.

Among the words I can use to describe living in Japan, the term "convenient" would be one to top that list.
Why?  I have traveled to other countries before but this is the only country where almost everything is just within your reach.

nicole within reach

The fact that you can almost buy anything (even eggs) from the mushrooming convenience stores in all parts of the country, both in urban and rural areas, makes it very livable.  The presence of those sturdy vending machines spewing out different kinds of products from hot drinks to instant noodles, ensures hunger-free days (as long as you have some cash with you).  The very functional train passes which one can use both to buy tickets and buy snacks for your domestic trips are lifesavers.

I could go on and on about how convenient it is to live here.  It might probably take a year to be finished and it's already my 4th year.  So, I will stop here.

I am looking forward to new challenges and more fruitful years.

nicole new challenge


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