Shoe Lovers 101


Yes, I am a self-confessed shoe addict.
I like buying them (not the uber expensive ones though) and storing them in my shoe cabinet.
Well, ladies really need more than two pairs of shoes, right?

However, this collection I am about to share with you is not mine but somebody forwarded it to me.
I wonder if you'd be interested to have some of these "unique" shoes in your shoe cabinet...

Did anyone say rodent?

nicole shoes1

Want to "lounge" in your heels?

nicole shoes2

How about boxing your way to shapely legs?

nicole shoes3

From a man's viewpoint

nicole shoes4

Feet made for the beach

nicole shoes5

Ready for a dive?

nicole shoes6

Transformer fascination

nicole shoes7

Want to step on it?

nicole shoes8

Too much wine?

nicole shoes9


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