Love Spans The Globe (My Sister's Wedding)


Weddings have always been and will always be a big matter to everyone.
People make a big deal out of them... of course, for good reason.
It is a day of love, trust, respect and promises witnessed by family and friends.

July 31, 2010 was a night of love, family, friends and new beginnings.
Family and friends gathered (others even flew from different parts of the world, including myself) to witness this sweet union.
My sister exchanged vows with her husband in the picturesque Transfiguration Chapel - Caleruega.

nicole caleruega

A beautiful outdoor reception followed in two of Balai Taal's well manicured lawns.

nicole balai

Food and drinks flowed continuously from the buffet table and the open bar.
The kids also had their fill of sweets from the candy corner which featured a chocolate fountain.

nicole chocofountain

After helping organize this big event in a week; wedding planners/event organizers won my utmost respect.
If you think your job is stressful; try being a wedding coordinator for a day and I guarantee that you'll thank your lucky stars for your job.
It's not an easy task, I learned.
However, the result of all the stress, frustration, sleepless nights and spats is priceless.

See for yourself...

I would gladly do it again... for my youngest sister.


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