A Federal Case


While dancing, have you ever stepped on somebody's toes and they cried or hours?

nicole toes

Or maybe your spouse screamed and cried when you chose the red bathroom towel when the only color left was blue?

nicole upset

These are minor situations.
However, some people make it seem big.
When a situation's seriousness is exaggerated, we can say that somebody "made a big deal about something."
The expression "make a federal case out of something" can also be used.

So, the next time somebody cries for hours after you step on his/her toes, try saying this...
"Come on.  I'm sorry and it was just an accident.  Don't make a federal case out of it.  I only stepped on your toe.  Don't make a big deal about it."
Hopefully, they would calm down and realize the triviality of the situation


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