自然な英会話表現はDCECのメルマガダイアログで学べる。"Feel It in My Bones"


■"Feel It in My Bones"

N - Nicole Y - Yuka M - Maki

The moment her learners saw her...

M: (greeting Nicole excitedly) Nicole!!! How have you been?
Y: How was the wedding of the century? Please tell me all about it.
N: (wondering about her learners' enthusiasm)
Wow! Did you guys really miss me that much?
M/Y: (looking at each other and blurting...) Yeah, we did!
N: Aww. That's so sweet! About the wedding...

Nicole showed the learners a 4-minute on-site wedding video. There was silence after the clip.

N: Are you guys okay? (looking at her two learners who were so glued to the monitor)
M: Wow! Stunning! Fantastic! (smiling widely)
Y: Were those actors? The whole clip was like a movie.
(sighing dreamily)
M: If not a movie, it could be a drama. (joining her classmate as they both stared longingly at the screen)
N: Yeah, the company deserved an A for this AVP they made.
M: Oh, I thought you were the one who made that...
N: I wish! (cracking everyone up)

Suddenly, Nicole noticed that Yuka became silent all of a sudden.

N: Yuka, a penny for your thoughts?
M: Yeah, you looked like you were thousands of miles away from us.
Y: Nothing. (replying curtly)
M: Hmmm... that "nothing" seemed like it meant a lot of things.
Y: It's just that... (sighing heavily)
I wish I could have that too.
N: Which one... the video? Or...
Y: Not only that...
I wish to be married as well. (laughing at her own comment)
M: Ha ha ha! Don't worry, Yuka. I could feel it in my bones that yours is not that far.
N: Who knows, you could be number 9 in my list of learners who will get married this year! (trying to encourage her learner)
Y: I hope so too! (suddenly changing topic)
By the way, Nicole... (turning to Nicole and handing out a gift) "Happy Birthday!"
M: Yeah, "Many Happy Returns!"
N: (turning beet red) Thank you guys for remembering.
Thank you so much. Yuka, that was a great segue.
You're learning!


★weding of the century-世紀(百年に一度)の結婚式
★glued to ~-~にくぎ付けになる(glueは貼る「のり」の意味)
★desrves an A for~-A(最上級の)価値がある
★AVP = audio visual presentation-視聴覚発表
★I wish!-そうだといいんだけど(実際はそうではない場合)
★cracking someone up-だれかを笑わせる
★all of a sudden-突然
★penny for one's thoughts-いったい何を考えているのだろう
★feel it in one's bones-直感でわかる、確実な予感がする
★"Many Happy Returns"-「(誕生日のような)よい日がたくさん
★beet red-(赤カブのように)真っ赤な


登場人物  N - ニコル  Y - ユカ  M - マキ


M: (ニコルを大歓迎する) ニコル!!! 元気にしてたの?
Y: 世紀の結婚式はどうだった? 教えて。
N: (ラーナーの熱意に驚いた様子) わー!そんなに私に会いたかったの?
M/Y: (お互いを見ていきなり言う...) ええ、そうよ!
N: あらまあ。それはうれしいわ!結婚式だけど…


N: あなたたち、どうしちゃったの?
M: わー!見事だわ!すばらしいわ!(満面の笑みを見せる)
Y: あれは俳優だったの?ビデオ全体が映画みたいだったわ。
M: 映画でなければ、ドラマね。(クラスメートに続けて言う。
N: ええ、このビデオを作った会社には最上級のレベルをあげてもいいわね。
M: ああ、あなたがこれを作ったんだと思ってたわ…
N: 作れたらいいんだけど! (みんなを笑わせる)


N: ユカ、何を考えているの?
M: うん、何だか遠くに行っていたようだったわよ。
Y: 何も。(そっけなく答える)
M: ん…その「何も」はたくさんの意味がありそうだけど。
Y: ただね… (重いため息をつく)私もあんなのができたらなと思って。
N: どれ…ビデオ?それとも…
Y: それだけじゃないわ…
M: ハハハ!心配ないわ、ユカ。あなたのもそう遠くないと直感で思うわ。
N: そんなの誰にもわからないわよ。私のラーナーの中で、今年はあなたが9番目に結婚する人かもしれないんだから!
Y: そうだといいわ! (急に話題を変える)
ところで、ニコル… (ニコルの方を向いて、ギフトを渡す)
M: そうね、「いっぱいおめでとう!」
N: (turning beet red) 2人とも覚えていてくれてありがとう。