Annular Solar Eclipse


On Monday (May 21), we will be able to observe a wonderful
natural spectacle, a solar eclipse. This happens when
the moon is sandwiched between the sun and the earth.

However, Monday's event is called an annular solar eclipse.
This happens when the moon is too far from the Earth making
the dark moon's apparent diameter smaller than the visible
disk of the sun.
Thus, this leaves a ring (annulus) around the edges,
which is referred to as "ring of fire."
In the same event, you'll also be able to see "Bailey's
beads" during the beginning and end of the eclipse.
The effect is created when the thin slice of the sun
visible appears broken up into blobs of light, like pearls.

Here is the schedule for the eclipse in Tokyo.

Eclipse starts: 06:19:07
Ring visible: 07:32:04
Ring maximally visible: 07:34:36
Ring finishes: 07:37:08
Eclipse finishes: 09:02:44

Please take note that if you are viewing it in another location,
the time will change slightly.  Lastly, never try looking
at the eclipse directly with your naked eye.  Protect your eyes
with store-bought lenses especially made for the event.

Happy viewing!