Yes or No to Nukes


Ever since I started blogging, I steered clear from controversial topics. I know that writing about sensitive issues would cause buzz but I didn’t want to tread on broken glass. I didn’t want to get hurt in the process. I chose to stay safe.

However, my learners changed my mind. Umm… no, they didn’t request me to write something that would cause a stir. They just continuously asked me probing questions. So, I decided to write one about nuclear power.

Let me just reiterate that nobody forced me to write about this topic. Also, I would like to remind you not to take what I write too seriously. These are just my opinions and thoughts. They may not be correct and appropriate for you.

Even before the twin disasters that hit Tohoku area last March 11, 2011, the topic of nuclear power has been discussed, debated on, protested and accepted for years. It probably even dates back to the discovery by William Rontgen of the ionizing radiation in 1895. From that time on, as the science of atomic radiation and nuclear fission was developed through the years, the debate also has grown stronger.

The disaster that hit the Fukushima nuclear power plant only fueled this ever-present and constant battle of the pros and the antis. The anti-nuclear power activists are everywhere. If there is a nuclear power plant (or lack thereof), I am pretty sure there is a group somewhere nearby since they strongly oppose the use of nuclear technologies.

I will not go against their cry for nuclear disarmament but I have to disagree with their position on the use of nuclear power. My knowledge about this subject is not very in-depth. I only know what I have read or what I have heard. I have never conducted experiments so my thoughts are based on my stored knowledge (if ever there are any).

I am aware of the dangers posed by nuclear energy when technology is lacking. That is why I think countries which do not have a lot of dough for research and development in this particular field should think twice (or maybe better thrice) before building one. Yes, I think money is very critical when it comes to nuclear power. A country needs to have the money to do the research, they need the bucks to build and maintain the facilities, and from what we have seen in the Tohoku area and in the other nuclear disasters of this century, clean-up also costs a fortune.

Next, if harnessed properly, nuclear energy can be a nation’s best friend. The amount of energy that can be generated from this source is enormous. Also, it is considered a green energy since it does not have any harmful effects to the environment like burning fossil fuels (nuclear accidents not included). Lastly, it is very cost effective (in the long run) for countries without their own oil source.

I am not saying that nuclear energy is the only way to go. If we can find a very good alternative source (comparable to the benefits we get from nuclear power), then I say let’s go for it. But for the meantime, I see no reason why we should shut down all the nuclear power plants that are providing us with the electricity we are so used to of having. Remember how we all groaned and complained about the rolling blackouts?

Yes, even after the Fukushima disaster, I am still not opposed to the use of nuclear power. Because if I were, I should just turn this PC off, not use my lights right now and all other electricity-hungry gadgets I have because they are using the source that I would be opposing, right? Just my two cents.