Sesame Street on Money


What is the right age to teach children about money?
You might ask, "Why is she asking this?"
Well, this thought crossed my mind when I talked to my nephews who stayed at our house for one whole week.
Four boys stayed at our home with my mom and my sister.

One lazy night, I was trying to chat with all of them.
You could just imagine how chaotic it was when we tried Skype's group video call.
They ran around the house and tried to use all the three available laptops in the house.
Once they have settled down, I asked them about their day and they took turns telling "auntie" what they have been up to.

As they told me their stories, I realized that all they talked about was spending.
Silently, I did a mental calculation of all the purchases and the trips they have made as they rattled on about this incident with a girl at the park.
Apparently, they have a limitless budget for this one week trip.
Ahh... the life of a kid; when all you have to worry about is what to eat; where, what and who to play with.
Life was so simple then.

That is why I asked the question.
Apparently, I am not the only one who has asked the same question.
In response to this query, I found this video clip.
Sesame Street has found ways to incorporate this issue in their show.