Who are you kidding?


E: Euneece N: Nicole U: Umi

Euneece, Nicole and Umi are enjoying their break time when…

E: Umi, was that your phone? What a loud sound!
U: (Looking petrified with fright) Oh, no! Earthquake!
N: (Trying to stay composed as she turned the tv on) That
was magnitude 7.1 in Fukushima. Will this ever end?
E: A month after the twin natural disasters, I thought I
already got used to the constant aftershocks, but every
time it does, I still quake in my boots.
N: And another one coming up. I’ll surely have a sleepless
night again tonight.
E: You won’t be alone, I tell you.
U: That makes three of us, then. I wonder what your folks
say about all these?
N: My mom is worried to the max.
E: My siblings are urging me to go home.
U: So how do you pacify them?
N: I just constantly assure her that I’m perfectly all right
here. I’m not a good liar, though.
E: Hahaha! Mother's instincts. For unexplained reasons, they
could feel when their offspring are in peril.
U: True.
E: And other than what Nicole had mentioned, I stopped posting
about my anxiety over aftershocks and radiation on my
Facebook account. That way, they’d thought everything’s
back to normal where I’m concerned.
N: I did the same, too.
U: Were they convinced?
(Euneece and Nicole looked at each other, smiling)
E: I guess we received the same reaction?
U: Which was?
E & N: "Who are you kidding?"


★petrified with fright - 驚愕で呆然とする
★composed - 落ち着いた
★natural disasters - 自然災害
★quake in my boots - 怖がる、ビクビクする
★folks - 家族
★to the max - 極めて
★siblings - 兄弟姉妹
★urge sb to do sth - ~に~するよう要請する
★pacify - なだめる
★instinct - 本能
★offspring - 子孫
★in peril - 危機
★anxiety over - についての不安
★convinced - 確信して


E:ユニース N:ニコル U:ウミ


E: ウミ、あなたの電話だったの? なんて大きい音なの!
E: あの2つの自然災害の後の1ヵ月で、たび重なるのにもう慣れた
N: そして別のが来ると。今夜はきっとまた眠れない夜になるわ。
E: 言っとくけど一人じゃないわ。
U: それなら私もよ。家族はこれらのことについて何て言ってるの
N: 母は超心配してるわ。
E: 私は兄弟たちが帰国しろってすごく言ってる。
U: それで、どうやってなだめるの?
N: 私は全く大丈夫だって絶えず安心させてるわ。あんまりうまく
E: ハハハ! 母の勘ね。説明できないけど、わが子が危機の時には
U: そうそう。
E: あとニコルが言ったこと以外では、フェイスブックに放射能と余震へ
N: わたしも同じ様にしたわ。
U: ちゃんと信じてくれた?
E: たぶん同じ反応だったんじゃない?
U: どんな?