You have to laugh


E: Emery T:Tomomi K:Kaori

In the classroom.

T: Sorry for being absent for three weeks in a row.
E: You must be snowed under with a lot of paperwork.
T: You bet. My liver is actually complaining. Ha-ha.
Two weeks of alcohol-free living. What is the
latest with you guys?
K: Nothing to say. How about you Emery?

Emery paused for a while.

E: I have something for you guys. Last week, my colleague
and I were running like wind to catch the train.
As soon as the train doors closed, my cell phone fell
on the floor. It was a hard fall that the battery and
the back cover got separated from the main body.
Everyone in the train was stunned at the sound of it.
I was the center of attention.
T: You don’t get that often. What happened next?
E: A middle-aged lady handed me the battery and another
guy the back cover. I was flushed with embarrassment.
I felt so small.
T: As my mom would always say, we all have our own share
of stories in life.
K: By the way, what did your colleague do?
E: When the train announced the next stop, the best thing
I could think of was to get off with my colleague to
save my face. As soon as we got off the train, our
eyes met and we burst into laughter.
T: Laughing at your own misfortune. I like the idea.
E: That embarrassing experience turned into a funny one.


★you have to laugh - 笑わなければならない
★in a row - 連続して
★be snowed under - 忙殺される、仕事で多忙だ
★liver - 肝臓
★alcohol-free -(飲食物が)アルコールを含まない
★run like wind - 風のように速く走る
★hard fall - 激しい落下
★stunned - 呆然として
★center of attention - 注目の的
★flush - 赤面する
★feel small - 小さく感じる、肩身が狭い
★have our own share of stories - 話、出来事を共有する
★save my face - 体面を保つ
★eyes meet - 目が合う
★burst into laughter - 突然笑い出す
★laughing at your own misfortune - 自身の不幸を笑う


E: エメリー T: トモミ K: カオリ


T: 3週間も続けて休んでごめんなさいね。
E: たくさんの書類整理に忙殺されてたんでしょ。
T: その通り。肝臓が不平を言ってるわ、ハハ。2週間のアルコールなし
K: 特になにも。エメリーはどう?


E: 実はね、先週わたしと同僚とで電車に乗るために風のように走っ
T: そうそうないことね。それでどうしたの?
E: 中年の女性がバッテリーを、違う男性が後ろのカバーを渡してくれたわ。
T: 私の母がいつも言うの、私たちはみんな人生においての出来事を共有して
K: ところで、あなたの同僚はどうしたの?
E: 電車が次の停車駅を放送したとき、同僚といっしょに降りて体面
T: 自分の不幸を笑ったのね。私もそれに賛成。
E: その決まり悪い経験は楽しいものに変わったってわけね。