Chain of Disasters


Tre: T Umi: U

Wednesday, upon arrival at the office…

T: Hello Umi. You look so haggard today…
U: Really? Well, the recent chain of disasters really painted
  worries on my face.
T: The March 11th killer earthquake scared the hell out of me!
It was the strongest and longest quake that I’ve experienced
here in Japan.
U: Same here. Where were you when it occurred?
T: I was in the Times Square Room with my three learners. The
strong earthquake was horrendous!
U: Was everybody OK?
T: Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush… I was able to safely guide
my learners downstairs.
U: Wow! That’s good news!
T: (nodding his head) Hmmm….
U: I couldn’t sleep well because of the series of strong
aftershocks… the tsunami devastation and the lives lost are
so appalling.
T: Right…right. I am also concerned about the leakage of
radiation from the crippled nuclear reactors. That unprecedented
nuclear crisis posed another serious hazard to the environment
and health.
U: I really hope that the brave souls working around the clock
can put an end to an impending complete meltdown.
T: I have high hopes for that!
U: By the way, were you able to stock some supplies in your room?
T: I did but I could not buy additional goods. This morning,
I got surprised that most of the food shelves in
the supermarket were empty… as if the shelves were hit
by a hurricane!
U: That’s the sad reality when people are panicking during
the aftermath of catastrophic events.
T: In one of the supermarkets, a standing policy was issued that
each customer could only buy a 2-liter bottled water.
U: It’s really a problem due to scarcity of supply plus
the power outages. I hope you have enough supplies.
T: I think my food and water supplies are sufficient.
U: That’s good. By the way, be ready we will have an emergency
meeting in a while.
T: OK. Thank you for the heads-up.


★haggard - やつれた、げっそりした
★chain of disasters - 一連の災害
★painted worries - 心配と描いてある
★hell out of me - を徹底的に(~する)
★horrendous - 生きた心地もしない
★adrenaline rush - 興奮状態
★strong aftershocks - 強い余震
★devastation - 荒廃、廃墟
★appalling - 恐ろしい、<話>最悪の
★leakage of radiation - 放射線漏洩
★crippled - 手足の不自由な、機器などが動作不能の
★unprecedented - 未曽有の、史上初の
★hazard - 危険
★brave souls - 勇敢な人々
★impending complete meltdown - 完全な溶融が差し迫る
★hurricane - 台風
★aftermath - 余波、後遺症、災害などの直後の時期
★catastrophic events - 大惨事
★standing policy - いつもの方針
★scarcity - 欠乏、食糧難
★outages - 停電
★heads-up - 注意喚起、警告


トレ: T ウミ: U


T: やあ、ウミ。今日はとてもやつれて見えるね...
U: 本当? そうね、このところの災害続きで、心配が顔に出ちゃってる
T: 3月11日の強烈な地震はマジで怖かったよ! 今まで日本で経験し
U: 私もそう。その時どこにいたの?
T: 3人の生徒さんと教室にいたんだ。あんな強い地震で生きた心地も
U: みんな大丈夫だった?
T: うん。アドレナリンがほとばしったね...生徒さんを下の階まで安全に
U: まあ!それはよかったわ!
U: 私は強い余震が続いたせいでよく眠れなかったわ...津波の惨状と、
T: ほんと..ほんとそう。活動不能になった原子炉から放射線が漏れてる
U: 勇敢な人たちが24時間体制で作業しているけど、溶融しそうになって
T: 大いにそう願うよ!
U: ところで自分の家の買い置きはできた?
T: したけど追加のものは買えなかったよ。今朝スーパーの食品棚がほ
U: 大惨事の影響が続いていてみんながパニックになってる時にはそれが
T: あるスーパーでは、お客さん一人につき2リットル水1つ買えるとい
U: 供給不足に加えて停電っていうのがほんと問題よね。生活必需品が
T: 僕の食糧と水は十分あると思うよ。
U: それはよかった。ところですぐに緊急会議が始まるわよ。
T: 了解。知らせてくれてありがとう。