Vending Machines


In Japan, vending machines are everywhere.
These machines play a big part in everyone's life, be it a child or an adult.

Did you know that first known machine to accept a coin and to dispense something was first recorded in the first century?
According to Wiki, the first vending machine was made by Hero of Alexandria in the first century.
The machine accepted a coin and dispensed a fixed amount of Holy Water.

Nowadays, a lot more products are being dispensed by these machines across the globe.
Let's check them out.

Pizza (Italy)

nicole pizza

Suddenly had a craving for pizza in the middle of the night?

Gold (Dubai)

nicole gold

Scared of the fluctuating foreign exchange?
Why not invest in gold bars?

Eggs (Japan)

nicole eggs

Baking in the middle of the night and you suddenly ran out of eggs?
What would you do if are do not live near a 24 hour supermarket or a convenience store?

Bicycles (the Netherlands)

nicole bikes

Is the traffic that bad?
Hop on a bicycle for a greener travel and possibly faster as well.

Shoes (England)

nicole shoes

In the middle of a meeting/ conference and you broke your heel?
Limp your way to new shoes.



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