Friends We Need


If you have a social network account, then it's more likely that you have hundreds of people in your friends list.
Are they true-blue (completely loyal to a friend or idea) friends? Acquaintances (someone you know but who is not a close friend)?

In a 10-year study in Adelaide, Australia, older people with close friendships tend to be live longer, healthier and happier.
According to Dr. Joan Borysenko, women often talk to a friend in times of difficulty.
I think we all know this is true.
Whenever something bad happens, most of us call the first person in our speed dial and more often than not it's one of our friends.

So here's a list of friends that we, women, should all have...

Childhood friend
nicole childhood

This is the friend who knew you when you were still wearing pigtails and braces.
She has shared all the ups and downs of growing up with you, thus, all the blackmail material between you two.

New friend
nicole new friend

Making your circle of friends bigger is always a good thing.
New friends spark new interests and ideas which could make you a more rounded person.
So, go an circulate!

Workout buddy
nicole workout

She takes no for an answer and she drags you out of the house to exercise.
She constantly reminds you to stick to a healthier habit which you will be grateful for in the future.

Spiritual friend
nicole spiritual

Having people who are well-grounded and know their purpose in life are good friends to have.
They indirectly (or sometimes directly) guide you through so that your life would be more meaningful and focused.

Younger friend
nicole young

Most of us crave the feeling of beign useful.
Having younger friends feeds this craving of mentoring other people.
The plus side is you also feel better when you're surrounded with your energy.
A refreshing change from the daily grind you live.

Your Mom
nicole MandD

The most influential woman in your life and has steadily provided you with support and unconditional love is your own precious mother.
Having a close relationship with her surely makes your world a better place.

So, let us cherish all those friendships and bonds we have formed through our life.
Each one has had an impact on who and what we are today.
Cheers to our wonderful friends!

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