Maximize Your Microwave Oven


For most people who are as busy as bees, the microwave oven is the greatest invention in our lifetime.
All we have to do is zap some leftover or frozen food and voila! we have a meal in just a few minutes.
However, this gizmo has a lot more to offer than just popping popcorn and reheating leftover food.

Bake those spuds

nicole baked potato

Rub a potato with olive oil and microwave it until tender.  Once it's tender, just pile up those toppings.

Warm those tortillas

nicole tortilla

Are you a fan of Mexican food?  Soft tacos?  Burritos?  Quesadilla?
Just wrap those tortilla in a damp paper towel and zap for under a minute in high.

Want some corn on the cob?

nicole corn

Love corn?  I do!  Just place unshucked corn on plate and microwave for 6 minutes on high.
Then wait for 5 minutes before you start removing the husks and silk.

Yummy bacon

nicole bacon

Just sandwich bacon strips between two double layers of paper towels... zap it for 4-5 minutes and that's it.
No need for oil.

Give it a squeeze

nicole juice

In order to get the most juice out of those citrus fruits, warm it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

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