Dela Cruz English Club MMD: The Perfect Excuse



In Dela Cruz English Club, we pride ourselves on exceptional
service and outstanding value.
And since our learners' needs always come first, we are hereby
launching a series of videos to improve English listening skill.
The topics are from our own Mail Magazine which you have grown
to love.


In "The Perfect Excuse", the DCEC staff members just finished
having lunch.

1. Was Julita satisfied with their lunch?
a. Julita was stuffed with the soba they ate.
b. She wanted more sushi.
c. Julita was full because of the sushi she ate.

2. What kind of sweets did Julita bring?
a. She brought chocolates.
b. Julita shared her pudding with the others.
c. She gave the others some Japanese sweets.

3. What is alleviated by chocolates?
a. Chocolates help relieve stiff shoulders.
b. Chocolates alleviate stress.
c. Chocolates are just added calories.

"The Perfect Excuse"

Characters: J - Julita; M - Marie; S - Shima

~After their lunch break, Julita offers chocolates to
Marie and Mr. Shima.

J: I'm so stuffed with the sushi we ate.
S: So am I.
M: Well, I am too, with the buckwheat noodles I bought.
J: I think something sweet sounds good. Who's with me?
M: I am.
J: That's good. I brought some chocolates from my apartment.
   (Taking three boxes from the fridge)
   Here they are. Chocolates with chestnuts, milk and plain.
   They're already opened because I nibbled at some yesterday.
M: Yummy. I'll taste each kind.
S: I'll have some, too. Julita, I noticed you're quite fond
   of chocolates.
J: A little. I like Japanese chocolates in particular because
   the balance of bitterness and sweetness is extraordinary.
M: Somehow I agree with you.
J: Besides, research says that sweets help alleviate stress.
   And, as a working woman, sometimes I feel stressful, so I
   usually keep a handful of chocolates in the fridge.
M: Or, is it because you don't want to go out often and buy?
J: Well, that too.

●Useful and humorous expressions

★I'm so stuffed with
stuff で詰め込むという意味で口頭では「たらふく食べる」という意味
また"stuffed toy"と言えば「ぬいぐるみ」のことですね。
E.g. The boy sat at the table stuffing himself.

E.g. This is my first time to see chestnuts in a forest.

★I nibbled at some
E.g. We sat drinking wine and nibbling at some pieces of cheese.

E.g. What a yummy cake this is!


登場人物:J - ジュリーター;M - マリー; S - 島


M: おいしい。それぞれみんな食べるわ。
S: 僕ももらうよ。ジュリータ。ほんとにチョコレート好きだな。
J: ちょっとね。特に苦味と甘さのバランスが最高だから日本のチョコレート
M: 私もそんな感じかな。
J: それとある研究によると甘いものはストレスを緩和する助けになるんだっ
M: でもそれってしょっちゅう買いに行くのが面倒だからじゃないの?
J: まあそれもあるけどね。