Labor Of Love


N - Nicole   H - Hotaru   S - Samu    M - Mai

As soon as everyone looked comfortably settled into their

S: I brought something for everyone. (holding up the paper
   bags he was toting)
To the delight of his classmates and governess, Samu handed
each one a large paper bag filled to the brim with fresh

S: Yup, these came from our harvest. (grinning from ear to ear)

Everyone expressed their appreciation for Samu's generosity.

M: Look at all these vegetables! (peeking inside the bag)
   I know what I'm having for dinner.
H: Same here.  This broccoli will surely complete my chicken            
casserole.  My husband will be ecstatic!
   (smiling at everyone)
S: I'm glad that you all like the product of my sweat, so to
N: Of course we do.  You are our perennial vegetable grower
   in this class.  How do you do it?

Samu explained how he starts with seedlings and how they are
grown organically.

M: That's what you call labor of love!
N: I really envy your green thumb, Samu.  (sighing slightly)
S: It's easy and therapeutic.
N: That's true.  I heard that some people who finished some            
counseling are advised to take care of plants before they
   get involved with someone.
H: That's interesting! Does that mean gardening is a good
   gauge of how well you do in relationships?
M: Maybe... maybe not.
S: What do you think, Nicole?  (hinting about Nicole's failed          
attempts to take care of plants)
N: Totally disagree!
H: I knew you would.

The class exploded into laughter.

1.  What did Samu bring to class?
  a.  He brought sweets.
  b.  Samu gave his classmates vegetables.
  c.  Samu brought large paper bags.

2.  What will Hotaru make for dinner?
  a.  She will prepare a casserole which her husband likes.
  b.  Hotaru will make salad.
  c.  She will cook the broccoli with fish.

3.  What is the advise given to people who go to counseling?
  a.  People should always attend counseling sessions.
  b.  They are advised to not drink alcohol and not talk to
   other people.
  c.  They should take care of plants before having a


★labor of love -(報酬目当てでなく)好きでする仕事、奉仕活動
★comfortably - 居心地良さそうに、楽に
★settle into -(いすなどに)座る、腰を下ろす
★tote - 運ぶ、携える、携帯する
★delight - 歓喜、(大)喜び
★brim - あふれそうになる
★fresh produce - 生鮮食品
★harvest -(作物などの)収穫
★generosity - 気前の良さ、惜しみなさ
★have for~ -  ~で食べる    
★casserole - (オーブンによる)鍋料理、キャセロール
★ecstatic - 有頂天になった、われを忘れた
★so to speak - いわば、言ってみるならば
★perennial - 長続きする、永続する
★seedlings - 苗、苗木
★organically - 有機栽培で
★green thumb - 園芸(植物栽培)の才
★therapeutic - 癒す力のある、健康回復に効果的な
★get involved with~ - ~に関係する、~と深くかかわるようになる
★attempt - 試み、企て


N - ニコル   H - ホタル   S - サム    M - マイ


S: みんなに持ってきたんだ。(手に持った紙袋を持ち上げて)

S: そうだよ、うちで採れた野菜。(満面の笑みを浮かべ)


M: 見てよこの野菜!(紙袋の中をのぞき)
H: 私も。このブロッコリーで鶏肉のキャセロールが完成するわ。
S: みんな気にいってくれてよかったよ、言うならば僕の汗の産物
N: もちろんよ。あなたはこのクラスの永遠の野菜栽培者じゃない。


M: そういうのを好きだからできる仕事って言うのよ!
N: 本当にあなたの園芸の才がうらやましいわ、サム。
S: 簡単だし、癒し効果もあるよ。
N: それ本当ね。カウンセリングを終えた人が、他の人と関わる前に
H: 興味深いわね!それって、園芸がいい人間関係を築くいいはかり
M: かもしれないし...そうじゃないかも。
S: どう思う、ニコル?(ニコルが過去に植物を育てるに失敗した
N: 大いに反対!
H: そうだろうと思った。