A Perfect Woman


今週は音声付メルマガ”A Perfect Woman"です。

In Dela Cruz English Club, we pride ourselves on exceptional
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And since our learners' needs always come first, we are hereby
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The ladies in DCEC are having a make-up tutorial session.

1.  What was Julita's and Kuri's short talk about?
  a.  Julita and Kuri talked about DCEC classes.
  b.  Julita shared some tips to Kuri.
  c.  They talked about their weight.

2.  Did Kuri know the rules of applying make-up?
  a.  Kuri didn't.
  b.  Of course, she did.
  c.  Kuri knew the rules of mixing clothes.

3.  What impressed Kuri?
  a.  Kuri was impressed about Julita's expensive cosmetics.
  b.  Kuri was impressed about Blessed.
  c.  She was impressed with her own reflection in the mirror.

"A Perfect Woman”

 Characters:  K - Kuri; J - Julita; B - Blessed

 ~Julita gives Kuri some fashion tips.

 J:  Kuri, can we have a short talk?
 K:  Sure, what about?
 J:  Well, you don’t need to bring your note and pen.
     It’s just a casual one, more on girl talk.
 K:  Sounds interesting.
 (Blessed enters)
 B:  Hey!  What’s the fuss?
 J:  Would you like to join us?  It won’t take much time, in a
     jiffy, perhaps.
 (to Kuri)
     I’ve noticed that your make-up somehow needs a little
     brushing-up, especially your blusher.
     How do you apply it?
 K:  Well, I just brush it on my face.  I’m not scrupulous and
     besides, are there any rules?
 J:  Oui.  You should match it on the shape of your face and
     contrast it to the shade of your lipstick and eye shadow.
     Like now, you’re wearing dark-plum on your lips and eyes.
     Then, you should put coral on your cheeks.
     I’ve one now.
     Stay put.  (applies blusher to Kuri)
 B:  It matches you, Kuri.  Talk about ingenuity!
 K:  (looking at herself in a mirror)  Hmm, impressive.
     Somehow I feel like a full woman wearing good make-up.
 J:  As the saying goes, “a little of everything makes a woman
 B:  Julita, do you still have time?  (making a me-too smile)

 ●Useful and humorous expressions

 ★girl talk
  女の子の話、他にguy talk, baby talkなどと言う言い方もある。
  E.g.  They were having a girl talk when Mr.Shima arrived.

 ★in a jiffy,
  すぐに(a moment, soon)
  E.g.  I'll be with you in a jiffy.

 ★Talk about ingenuity!
  Talk about ~で、「それは~だね」と~を強調する表現
  E.g. I know I'm beautiful, that's why I have my pictures all over
        my room.
        Talk about vanity.

 ★a little of everything makes a woman perfect.
  E.g.  In DCEC, a little of everything makes learners




 J : クリ、ちょっと時間ある?
 K : ええ、なんですか?
 J : ペンとノートは持ってこなくていいわ。かしこまった話じゃなく
 K : 何かおもしろそうですね。
 B : ねえ、なんかおもしろそうね。
 J : 参加する?そんなにかからないわ。多分ちょっとだけ。
 K : えーっと、ただ顔につけているだけ。あんまり気にしてないけど
 J : もちろん!顔の形に合わせて、口紅やアイシャドーとのコントラ
 B : クリ似合うじゃない。ほんと器用ね。
 K : (鏡を見て)へー、なんかすごい。私きちんとメークしたレディ
 J : よく言うでしょ。「小さな気配りが完璧な女性を作る」って。
 B : ねージュリータ。まだ時間ある?(私も、と笑顔で)